Book Voucher Information

Procedure For Using Book Vouchers

  • To obtain a book voucher, you must first complete the financial aid process which includes receiving the financial aid award letter.
  • If you are a first time financial aid borrower, you must complete the online loan application and entrance counseling in order to receive financial aid.
  • Once you have completed the financial aid process, you will need to complete your online course registration.
  • You may then go online to the MBS Direct website or call directly at 1-800-325-3252 to obtain a book quote (be sure to include shipping cost) in order to make an accurate book voucher request. 
  • You will then complete your financial check-in, during which you will have the opportunity to request a book voucher. In order to use a book voucher, you must request the voucher at least two weeks prior to the start of the sub-term in which you are enrolled.
  • The voucher in the amount you request will be submitted to MBS Direct upon the next business day (Monday through Friday).
  • Once your voucher has been submitted to MBS Direct, within two business days of your request you will receive an email to your Liberty account with a book voucher number from MBS Direct.
  • Once you have received this email from MBS Direct, you may then call or go online to MBS Direct to order course materials up to the value of your book voucher.

*Please be aware that book vouchers cannot be issued to Liberty University Online students for Resident courses or Resident students for online courses.