Upcoming Events

12/3/4- Power Lifting Meet

10 am- 6 pm: Multi-Purpose Center, LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center

The Powerlifting Competition includes the dead lift, squat and bench press. Lifters may decide to participate in the full meet or an individual lift. Winners will be determined based on their ratio of weight lifted to body weight. The top 2 male and female lifters in the full meet and the top lifter in each individual lift (that has not already received a prize) will be awarded prizes.

  • Become one of LaHaye’s Strongest!
  • Enter for a chance to win great prizes
  • Sign-up by November 10th to participate

Powerlifting Registration

Event Details:

This Friday, December 2nd, there will be weigh-ins for the Powerlifting Competition from 11am-6pm in the Multipurpose Center. Anyone who is coming to weigh-in must enter through the LaHaye Rec and Fitness Center main entrance.

The actual Competition will be on Saturday, December 3rd and events will start at 10:00am! Spectating is free, so come on out and watch the competitors and support! All spectators must enter the Multipurpose Center through LaHaye Rec and Fitness Center. Non-members from the community (or spouses, children, alumni, etc.) who want to watch the event will be given wristbands. The event is likely to be done around 6:00pm.