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2/16- Rock Wall Event: Lead Climbing Class 1 Session 4: Practical and Practice

5-7 pm Rock Wall, LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center

Join us at the LaHaye Rock Wall on March 6th from 5-7 pm for our Lead Climbing class! Lead climbing will increase the challenge for the climber – both physically and mentally. Learn how to safely and efficiently lead climb, creating a belay system as you ascend. Attendance in the Top Rope, Bouldering, and passing the Rock Wall Belay Test are pre-requisites for this class.

  • Learn how to establish a belay system as you climb
  • Push past mental and physical barriers
  • Learn proper clipping and movement technique to maximize efficiency
  • Improve overall climbing ability


2/18- Fitness Workshop: Speed Training Workshop

4 pm-6 pm, LaHaye Indoor Soccer Center

There’s only one thing about speed you need to know: You either have it, or you’re chasing it.

Join us on Saturday, February 18th from 4-6pm in the Indoor Soccer Center at the LaHaye Rec and Fit for the Speed Training Workshop. The workshop will consist of a physiological overview of what speed is and a practical portion on how to increase yours! Tennis shoes, turf shoes, and indoor soccer cleats will be allowed on the turf, spikes and outdoor cleats however will not be. Come dressed ready to move fast!

  • Learn factors that improve speed
  • Discover what a speed training program should look like
  • Gain knowledge of exercises and drills which help develop speed


2/20- Rock Wall Event: Top Rope Class

5-7 pm Rock Wall, LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center

Interested in learning more about how to belay and top rope climb at the LaHaye Rock Wall? Join us on February 20th from 5-7pm for our Top Rope class. You will learn valuable skills that will ensure you are climbing and belaying safely and effectively. All levels welcome. Sign-ups and more information are at the LaHaye Rock Wall front desk.

  • Learn how to tie a figure 8 knot
  • Learn how to properly set up a Grigri for safe belaying
  • Understand safe belaying techniques
  • Must Pass the Rock Wall Belay test


2/21- 200 Tuesday

12pm-11:30pm, Montview Bowling Alley

On Tuesday, February 21st, we will be having our first ever 200 Tuesday Bowling event! Bring your friends out and see who can get to 200 the fastest. The first three people to do so, will receive a free month membership to the Montview Bowling Alley. The competition will start at noon, which is as soon as the bowling alley opens. So don't wait around, come on out and see if you can be one of our skilled winners!

  • $1 per game
  • First 3 to bowl to 200 win!


2/27- Rock Wall Event: Bouldering Class

5-7 pm Rock Wall, LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center

Join us at the LaHaye Rock Wall on February 27th from 5-7pm for our Bouldering class! Bouldering consists of short, low routes that will train strength and power while learning good body movement technique. All levels welcome. Sign-ups and more information are at the LaHaye Rock wall front desk.

  • Learn proper body technique for more efficient movement
  • Build strength and power to enhance climbing ability
  • Learn spotting techniques
  • Understand grading scales


2/27- Post Game Yoga Night

After the women's basketball game- approximately 9pm, Vines Center

This semester we are partnering with the Liberty University Women's Basketball team to host post game yoga! That means, after the basketball game, our Yoga instructors will be leading a class on the basketball courts. This class will be free with the purchase of your basketball ticket. We will also have an enter-to-win competition for custom yoga mats. We hope to see you all there! 

  • Enjoy a women's basketball game 
  • Enter to win custom yoga mats!
  • Enjoy a free yoga class 


2/27- NEDA Week Video Screening: Lia's Story 

During halftime of women's basketball game, Vines Center

In reverance of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, get to know Lia. She is a brave woman who has overcome her struggle by the power of love and acceptance of who she is. There will be tables available at the game with more information on NEDA week. If you or someone you know is dealing with an eating disorder, please contact counseling services at

  • Video will be released on social media after the screening on Feb 27th
  • Features spoken word 


3/2- Food Fight: NEDA Week Panel Discussion

7-8:30 pm Terrace Conference Room, Jerry Falwell Library

30 million people suffer from an eating disorder in the US.  Bring a friend and your compassion to have your questions answered about what you can do to promote healthy body image in sphere of influence, healing your relationship with food, and how you and your friends can help one another to rediscover your true identity in Christ.  Come and join a discussion with a panel of experts in various professions in the Terrace Conference Room in the Jerry Falwell Library on March 2nd from 7-8:30 pm.

  • Learn how to promote healthy body image in sphere of influence
  • Learn how to heal your relationship with food
  • Acknowledge how you and your friends can help one another to rediscover your true identity in Christ


3/3- NEDA Week Mini Health Fair

11am-1pm, Montview Student Union

In honor of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2017, there will be a mini health fair on March 3rd from 11am-1pm in the Montview Student Union Hallway across from Argo Tea – featuring various resources on campus that will help create awareness among students, faculty, and staff on how understanding eating disorders is beneficial for everyone. We invite you to stop by, participate in the activities, grab a snack, talk to professionals and students, and learn how three minutes can save a life!


3/20-4/28- Paid Training Program: Sweating for the Wedding

4-5pm Monday/Wednesday/Friday

If you are a student looking for more information and guidance on how to develop and maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle prior to your wedding, and have it be sustainable post-nuptials, you won't want to miss Recreation Center’s Sweating for the Wedding Training Program.  From March 20 – April 28th, participants will receive two workouts with qualified personal trainers and one educational session with a health/behavioral coach each week.  This small group program available for only $75 per person and is limited to only 20 Liberty University students, faculty, or staff who can commit to attending sessions from 4-5 pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Participants can expect to set goals, learn fundamentals of effective fitness programming, gain strength, endurance and decrease body fat. You can also expect accountability and community with other brides-to-be who are all helping each other achieve their goals. Apply by March 15th and selected participants will be contacted on March 17th. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to jump start your journey towards a wedding-ready body. For more information, visit the LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center front desk.


  • Applications accepted through March 15th (fill out at the LaHaye Rec and Fit Front Desk, no payment needed at this time)
  • Participants selected and contacted no later than March 17th
  • Participants must pay by March 17th
  • Program begins March 20th


3/4 – Yoga Workshop: Arm Balance

10am-12pm Mind/Body Studio, LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center

Join us on Saturday, March 4th from 10 am-12 pm in the Mind Body Studio at the LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center for the Yoga Arm Balance Workshop. You can expect to work hard, be on your hands, and challenge your strength and balance. This workshop is meant for those looking to learn correct form and tools to improve their hand balancing poses. Experience with Yoga is recommended but not required. Sign-ups will be available online on the LaHaye Group Exercise page 24 hours before the class. 

  • Learn the basics and alignment of arm balancing 
  • Discover new challenging variations and progressions
  • Increase strength and balance


4/22 – Partner CrossFit Competition

10am-6pm,  LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center

For the first time, Recreation Centers will be hosting a Partner CrossFit Competition.  This will be Saturday, April 22nd, 2017 from 10am-6pm in the LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center.  Be prepared for dynamic and exciting workouts programmed through the CrossFit methodology.  It will be open to any current student, staff, or faculty at Liberty University. This competition will be strictly partner oriented, not individual, with split divisions for male and female. The registration fee is $20 per team, and signups close on March 17th – for more details, e-mail – don’t miss this exciting event!

  • Partner Competition – NOT individual
  • $20 charge per team for registration
  • Prizes will be awarded to the winners!
  • Deadline to sign up is March 17th, 2017