Stuck in Colder Weather

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by Jason Bond

The holiday season is always a great time-especially when you get the opportunity to spend moments with family and friends. Along with visiting, this is a time for me to do random things that I don’t usually have time for and just enjoy life.

I am an aviation major and I found it completely necessary for my understanding of aerodynamics to purchase a remote control airplane and, of course, fly it. It seems that every time I go fly this extremely fun toy it is absurdly cold outside and I just wait for the day that it will be in the 70s again.

As I find myself stuck in a place where I hope for spring and know it’s on its way, I also know winter literally is just getting started. I can honestly say I love colder weather; but without snow falling and with the temperatures plummeting to an extremely low 2 degrees, I have come to the conclusion that I have had enough.

One thing I do like about winter is that spring is right around the corner. For me this means camping, hiking, biking, and other awesome outdoor activities. God has created a beautiful world and 90% of the time I would rather be spending time out there than in a house.

Unfortunately, there are always two sides to a coin. Spring also brings classes for the new year, so after a good long two months of eating way too much food for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years I find myself thrown back into reality a lot faster than I personally prefer. In my opinion I was just starting to go into hibernation.

For most of us, classes have started and there are probably lists of things that need to be done before we feel like we are ready, and now we have to catch up! I just found out the other day that my books were delayed because of the extremely cold weather sweeping across our country.

On the positive side, I get to live in my false sense of reality; without my books staring at me every day I “don’t technically have classes starting.” Doesn’t it work that way? Unfortunately, this is my downfall. So to remedy this procrastination and non-preparedness I have decided to make a goal or a New Year's resolution for myself.

Instead of waiting Wednesday or Thursday to do my first assignments, I am going to start doing them early. I am personally on my last leg of my journey through my Bachelor's degree and this semester I am going to go out with a bang.

So, the moral of my rambling is that even though we have beautiful weather, vacation, summer, and other things we look forward to, let’s try and also focus on the here and now, making a conscious decision to really learn something great from our classes. Personally, I am not the best with time management when it comes to schoolwork, so I am going to be trying to make the most of my last semester as an undergrad. Don’t be afraid to strive for success, in the end Christ asks for our best in everything.