Emergency Response Personnel Discount

Next Acceptance Deadline

Feb 28, 2018

Liberty University is committed to providing a world-class education and aims to help students achieve their educational goals, in whatever way we can. The Towns/Kopis Emergency Response Tuition Discount was created to take some of the financial burden of tuition off of the men and woman who work in public service. As Liberty University's way of saying 'Thank You', we proudly provide you with the following benefits:


Liberty University defines Emergency Response Personnel as those students currently (or within the last five years) employed, or volunteering, in the areas of law enforcement, emergency services, Civil Air Patrol (CAP) senior members, fire safety and/or rescue work. For a full list of eligibility requirements and positions, please visit the Scholarships Page.

How Can I Claim the Discount?

Fax ((434) 582-2053) or email (luoscholarships@liberty.edu) the following information:

  • Letter from employer on agency letter head.
  • Copy of your agency/employee ID.
  • Include your student ID number.
  • Make sure to "Attention: scholarships" in all communication sent in.


Phone:      Undergraduate: (800) 424-9595             Graduate: (800) 424-9596