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MDiv Chaplaincy Online Graduate Program

Program Information

Liberty University Center for Chaplaincy is pleased to announce the implementation of a new Master of Divinity in Chaplaincy, which requires 93 semester hours and incorporates three separate concentrations: Military, Healthcare, and Community.

This new degree integrates a blended learning model that includes several dynamic in-residence (intensive) courses, as well as chaplain internships.  Graduates of the new 93 hour M.Div. in Chaplaincy will be best prepared to serve as chaplains within the military, healthcare, and a variety of community settings.  In light of this new 93 hour Master of Divinity in Chaplaincy, Liberty University is discontinuing the current 72 and 93 hour Master of Divinity in Chaplaincy degrees.

Your Questions Answered

Why is there a 93 Hour M.Div. Chaplaincy program track?

What’s the difference between the previous M.Div. programs (72 and 93 hour) and the new 93 hour M.Div. Chaplaincy program?

When will the required intensive courses be available?

Do I have to transfer into the new program?

How do I determine if transferring to the M.Div. Chaplain program is right for me?

Decided to transfer?