Qualitative Research – COUC 750

CG • Section JWK • 07/01/2018 to 12/31/2199 • Modified 11/08/2021

Course Description

Qualitative research helps advance our understanding of effective solutions to the complex problems addressed in counseling. Therefore, counseling doctoral students need to understand the main qualitative methods of inquiry and when/how to appropriately use them. This course promotes understanding of the main qualitative research methods and their application to the counseling field. Selected qualitative research methods are explored, appropriate problems for qualitative inquiry delineated, and rigorous, ethical, and effective qualitative research strategies are applied to problems addressed in the field of counseling. Note: Must be enrolled in the following program: Doctor of Philosophy in Counselor Education and Supervision.

For information regarding prerequisites for this course, please refer to the Academic Course Catalog.


Leaders in the field of counseling have a responsibility to advance the field by conducting and publishing empirically based research related to ethical and effective counseling, supervision, teaching, leadership, and advocacy. Because many mental health and counseling issues are complex and exploratory, doctoral students need a skill set for effectively using qualitative research methods, which employ in-depth, relational processes and procedures.

Course Assignment

Course Requirements and Assignments: Assignment Instructions and Grading Rubrics for these assignments are also posted in the course.

A. Class Attendance and Participation: You must attend (on time) and participate in all class sessions in order to receive credit for this class.

B. Pre-Intensive Assignment: Because the pre-intensive assignment forms a foundation for the intensive week, it must be submitted on time in order to attend the intensive. 1. Complete the Course Requirements Checklist (CRC) 2. McLeod Critical Analysis and Synthesis Paper: Read the McLeod text in its entirety. Write a synthesis of the main points from each of the fifteen chapters. Each chapter’s synthesis should be one page long (a total of 15 pages). Your summaries should reflect critical analysis and synthesis of the most pertinent content from each chapter. Include reflections that demonstrate comprehension of various aspects of qualitative research methods, ethics and diversity issues in qualitative counseling research, the use of qualitative software, and rigor in qualitative research. This text and assignment will give you a solid overview of qualitative research in the field of counseling. Carefully follow the expectations outlined in the Grading Rubric designed for this assignment. *Place a copy of the Grading Rubric for this assignment at the end of your paper and fill it out as a self-evaluation. This assignment is due on or before the Wednesday before the intensive.

C. Intensive Week Assignments: See course calendar. You will receive more details during the intensive week. Assignment instructions/grading rubrics for the Empirical Studies Handout and Research Study: CAPG Survey Submissions are posted in the appendix and in the course.

D. Post Intensive Week Assignment: Reflective Paper. • Research Method Presentation • CAPG Research Project • Post-Intensive Reflective Paper B.5.i. Role of counselors and counselor educators advocating on behalf of the profession and professional identity • McLeod Critical Analysis and Sytnthesis Paper • Empirical Studies Hand-Out • Research Method Presentation

E. Post-Intensive Reflective Paper 7 I designed this paper to help you reflect on your experience in COUC 750 this term. It should include the following sections (which can be used as primary headings: 1. Pre-Intensive: Reflection, Themes, and Conclusions Regarding Qualitative Research 2. Intensive: Reflection, Themes, and Conclusions Regarding Qualitative Research 3. Post-Intensive: Reflection, Themes, and Conclusions Regarding Qualitative Research 4. Comprehensive Anaylsis and Synthesis: Pertinent Themes Regarding My Lived Experience in the Qualitative Research Class. Place a copy of the Grading Rubric for this assignment at the end of your paper and fill it out as a self-evaluation.