Dissertation Defense – CLED 990

CG • Section • 11/10/2019 to 04/18/2020 • Modified 07/28/2020

Course Description

This course exists for students to defend the methodology of the research design, the gathering of the research data, the analysis of the research findings, and the conclusions derived from the research.


CLED 989


Once the candidate has completed their dissertation research and writing, they must present the results of their research at an online hearing. The candidate must also submit a publication-ready version of the dissertation to the Jerry Falwell Library to be bound for archiving. This course is designed to guide that process and other details related to graduation and degree conferral.

Candidates who are making progress in their research, but who have not yet completed the requirements of CLED 990 at a level sufficient to effectively defend their dissertation, may be required to retake CLED 990 and will receive the grade of PR (Progress). PR grades do not impact the candidate’s GPA.


Research Product

CLED 730 Research Methods for Christian Leadership I

Deconstructing a Dissertation

CLED 770 Research Methods for Christian Leadership II

Three Potential Dissertation Profiles

CLED 805 Research Methods for Christian Leadership III

Chapter One of the Prospectus

CLED 830 Research Methods for Christian Leadership IV

Chapter Two of the Prospectus

CLED 900/987 Research Methods for Christian Leadership V

Chapter Three of the Prospectus/Comps

CLED 905/988 Research Methods for Christian Leadership VI

The Prospectus and The IRB Process

CLED 989 Dissertation Research & Writing

Researching and Writing the Dissertation

CLED 990 Dissertation Defense

Dissertation Completed and Defended

Measurable Learning Outcomes

  1. Successfully defend research methodological design as presented in the dissertation.
  2. Successfully defend the gathering of research data and the analysis of the research findings as presented in the dissertation.
  3. Successfully defend the research findings and conclusions as presented in the dissertation

Course Assignment

Textbook Reading

Course Requirements Checklist

After reading the Course Syllabus and Student Expectations, The candidate will complete the related checklist found in Week 1.

Research Task #1: Defense-Ready Dissertation Preparation and Submission

The candidate will submit the Defense-Ready Dissertation as part of CLED 990. This document will be defended in the candidate's oral defense hearing. This document must contain all elements of the dissertation as required by the Program Handbook, follow all matters of style as found in the latest edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA format) and the EdD APA Supplemental Guide, and be free of spelling and grammar errors. The submission must include any changes previously required by the committee and must be considered ready for distribution to the committee in preparation for the defense hearing.

            This task is completed in two parts as follows.         

Part 1: Submit Dissertation Review Request and Affirmations Quiz. The candidate must complete the "Request for Review and Affirmations Quiz." This is a five-question request form that requires a "Yes" response to each question. Each question is written in the form of an affirmation of understanding dealing with matters pertaining to the dissertation and defense process. Please read each question for understanding and agree to this affirmation statement.

            Part 2: Submit Defense-Ready Dissertation. The candidate will submit the document in two locations, one location for the Supervisor's review, the other for the Second Reader's review.

            Do not submit the document via email. Submit the document online at the locations labeled "Supervisor's Defense-Ready Submission" and "Reader's Defense Ready Submission" found in the Research Task #1 folder. This document will be reviewed by the committee and is subject to changes required by the committee. Submit a complete copy of all dissertation related materials including front matter, chapters 1-5, and appendices.

Research Task #2: Oral Dissertation Defense Hearing

The Oral Dissertation Defense Hearing affords the candidate the opportunity to publicly present and defend the dissertation including research procedures and findings to the dissertation committee and academic colleagues. Instructions regarding this hearing can be found in the Research Task #2 folder.

Research Task #3: Submitting The Approved (Signed) Dissertation

This research task requires that the candidate gain final approval of the Dissertation and to submit the approved (signed) version of the dissertation to the Doctor of Education Office. Detailed instruction for this task may be found in the Research Task #3 folder. Three steps are involved in completing this task.

  • Step 1 - Obtain approval signatures as instructed.
  • Step 2 - Submit a copy of the signed document as instructed.
  • Step 3 - Take the "Signed Dissertation Submission Quiz."

Research Task #4: Graduation (Commencement) Application

The candidate must complete all requirements and paperwork necessary for graduation. Graduation information can be found on the Registrar's website. 

Once the candidate has completed the Graduation Application, the candidate must complete the "Graduation Application Quiz" found in the Research Task #4 folder. This quiz involves two questions which must be answered "YES" to receive full credit for this task.

Research Task #5: Dissertation Publication and Binding

This research task is twofold. The candidate will: 1) submit the publication-ready version of the Dissertation to the Liberty University Jerry Falwell Library, and 2), provide a signed version of the Dissertation for binding and final archival submission to the John W. Rawlings School of Divinity, Doctor of Education Office. Detailed instructions are provided in the Research Task #5 folder.