Dissertation Research & Writing – CLED 989

CG • Section • 11/10/2019 to 04/18/2020 • Modified 07/28/2020

Course Description

This course exists so that the student can conduct approved dissertation research, analyze research findings, and compile conclusions based on the research.


CLED 745 and CLED 770 and CLED 805 and CLED 820 and CLED 900 and CLED 905


Once the IRB application is approved by the IRB office, the student may implement their Prospectus plan under the direction of the dissertation committee (comprised of the Supervisor and Second Reader). Students must use the BlackBoard course site to submit required documents and progress reports.

Students who are making progress in their research, but who have not yet completed the requirements of CLED989 at a level sufficient to defend their dissertation, may retake CLED989 (three times). Students who have not yet completed all requirements in CLED989 but continue to progress in their research will receive the grade of PR (Progress). PR grades do not impact the student's GPA. Once all work is completed for the CLED989 to the satisfaction of the dissertation committee, the student will be enrolled in CLED990 to defend the dissertation and to submit final work for the degree.


Research Product

CLED 730 Research Methods for Christian Leadership I

Deconstructing a Dissertation

CLED 770 Research Methods for Christian Leadership II

Three Potential Dissertation Profiles

CLED 805 Research Methods for Christian Leadership III

Chapter One of the Prospectus

CLED 830 Research Methods for Christian Leadership IV

Chapter Two of the Prospectus

CLED 900/987 Research Methods for Christian Leadership V

Chapter Three of the Prospectus/Comps

CLED 905/988 Research Methods for Christian Leadership VI

The Prospectus and The IRB Process

CLED 989 Dissertation Research & Writing

Researching and Writing the Dissertation

CLED 990 Dissertation Defense

Dissertation Completed and Defended

Measurable Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Complete data collection and analysis phase of the dissertation process.
  2. Compile the research findings and conclusion by writing the final chapters of the dissertation

Course Assignment

Course Requirements Checklist

After reading the Course Syllabus and Student Expectations, the student will complete the related checklist found in Week 1.

Research Task #1: IRB Approval Report and Documentation

As soon as IRB approval is received, you are to submit a report using the online quiz feature in the Blackboard course site. You are to upload documentation of your approval at his location as well. IRB approval must be received and documented before you may proceed with your dissertation research.

Task #2: Research and Writing Progress Journal

It is important the you remain in conversation with your Supervisor and report progress on the research and writing of your dissertation. To facilitate this interaction, a journal is to be maintained through the Blackboard course site.

You are to submit a minimum of five, bi-weekly journal entries that report your progess on your research work and the writing of your dissertation. These entries will be used by your Dissertation Supervisor to track progress and interact with you regarding your work. Questions may be posted in this location and documents exchanged. This should be considered the preferred location for all written interactions with your Supervisor related to your research. Individual entries are not scored. A final score will be entered at the end of the term by your Supervisor using the rubric provided.

Research Task #3: Dissertation First Draft Manuscript Submission and Review Request

Once your dissertation is fully assembled, contains all elements of the dissertation as required by the Handbook, meets APA style requirements, and is free of spelling and grammar errors, it may be submitted for committee review. This task is completed in two parts as follows.

Part 1: Submit your Dissertation Review Request and Affirmations Quiz. You must complete the "Request for Review and Affirmations Quiz." This is a five-question request form that requires a "Yes" response to each question. Each question is written in the form of an affirmation of understanding dealing with matters pertaining to the dissertation and defense process. Please read each question and be sure you understand and agree to this affirmation statement.

Part 2: Submit your Dissertation First Draft Manuscripts. You will submit the document in two locations, one location for your Supervisor's review, the other for your Second Reader's review.

Do not submit your document via email. Submitted your document online at the locations labled "Supervisor's First Draft Manuscript Submission" and "Second Reader's First Draft Manuscript Submission" locations found in the Task #3 folder. Keep in mind, this is draft will be reviewed by your committee and is subject to changes required by your committee. Only submit a complete copy of all dissertation related materials including front matter, chapters 1-5, and appendices.

Once your first draft of your dissertation has been reviewed and approved, your Supervisor will then work with the program director to manually register you for the appropriate Dissertation Defense course section.