Externship – AMOA 296

CG • Section • 11/10/2019 to 04/18/2020 • Modified 07/28/2020

Course Description

This course is a planned work-based experience that provides students with an opportunity to fine-tune skill sets learned in course work and enhance workplace skills through supervised practical experiences related to their career objectives. This course requires a minimum of 160 clock hours of onsite work.




The Medical Office Assistant Externship gives the student formal training, the opportunity to work in a medical or office facility, and the ability to familiarize themselves with day-to-day situations and procedures. The graduate of the Medical Office Assistant degree program will benefit from the skills and knowledge that help him or her perform well from the first day on the job. After the completion of this course and all other degree requirements, the student will be eligible to sit for the medical administrative specialist exam through American Medical Technologists.

Measurable Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Communicate with patients, medical professionals, and peers using oral and written format.
  2. Evaluate safety procedures in the field.
  3. Implement medical office infection control procedures.
  4. Implement medical records management in the office setting.
  5. Develop interpersonal skills and group dynamics.
  6. Implement insurance verification.
  7. Analyze billing and collection procedures.

Course Assignment

Textbook readings and lecture presentations

Course Requirements Checklist

After reading the Course Syllabus and Student Expectations, the student will complete the related checklist found in Module/Week 1.

Discussion Board Forums (8)

Discussion boards are collaborative learning experiences. Therefore, the student is required to create a thread in response to the provided prompt for each forum. Each thread must be at least 150 words and demonstrate course-related knowledge. In addition to the thread, the student is required to reply to at least 2 other classmates’ threads. Each reply must be at least 75 words. Each thread and reply must contain at least 1 citation in current APA format. Threads must also contain at least 1 biblical principle. The required citations must be from peer-reviewed journals, books, governmental documents, or the Bible.

Focused Activity

The student will answer several questions in a short answer/essay question format. Completed length must be 1–2 pages of content, not including the reference list. This activity must include at least 3 citations in current APA format.

Blogs (4)

The student will complete a blog in order to update his or her classmates and instructor of his or her progress throughout the course. Each blog post must be at least 200 words.

Documentation of Hours

The student will complete a log of hours worked at his or her volunteer externship. There will be a midterm and final submission, and both must be completed in order to receive a grade. A template is provided.

Cover Letter

The student will complete a cover letter that does not exceed 1 page. Students will follow the general format given in the assignment instructions.


The student will write a 1–2-page resume that follows the general format given in the assignment instructions.

Experience Paper

The student will write a 5–10-page paper in current APA format that details his or her externship experience. The paper must include at least 1 scholarly reference in current APA format.

Supervisor Evaluation

The student must have the provided evaluation template completed by his or her supervisor.