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Learn Foundational Business Concepts with Liberty’s Associate’s Degree in Business Online

Liberty University’s online Associates degree in Business offers introductory courses designed to develop your competencies in business administration. You will develop communication and computer application skills in order to evaluate and diffuse common management problems. The Liberty University School of Business desires to Train Champions for Christ as well train up strong businessmen and businesswomen. Their focus on commitment, service, and learning is a joint effort between faculty, staff and our students.

Students need to be challenged in order to reach the next level of success. Our faculty is committed to helping them get there. Through challenging our students to serve each other, to love others more than they love themselves and to become all that God made them for, Liberty’s School of Business students are being trained to become the employees, leaders, and entrepreneurs that organizations are seeking. 

Why Choose Liberty University’s Associates Degree in Business Online Program?

Our online associate’s degree in business is an industry leader among online business programs, taught by professionals with real-world experience in professional and leadership settings. Our associates in business degree is offered completely online, allowing you to remain active in your job, with your family, and in your community without the worry of having to take courses on a campus.

Benefits of Liberty’s Associates Degree in Business Online Program

  • By earning your AA in Business online from a non-profit university whose online programs are ranked in the top five of more than 2,100 online colleges and universities for academic quality, affordability, and accessibility, you will be set apart from others in the field.
  • Tuition rates for all undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs have not increased in three straight years. While many other online colleges have raised tuition, Liberty has been able to keep costs low as a non-profit university.
  • Liberty’s online Associate's degree in Business is ACBSP accredited. This optional, program-specific accreditation adds prestige to your degree.
  • You are able to complete the Associate’s degree in Business in less than two years.
  • Students benefit from networking opportunities with other professionals in the program from around the country.

What Will You Learn in Liberty’s Online Associates Degree in Business Program?

  • Business students will learn to confidently approach opportunities in the business industry.

  • Students will learn to utilize a variety of decision-making methods as well as how to address issues through synthesis and evaluation.

  • Students will gain an understanding of accounting, communications, law, ethics, and statistics through our AA in Business Online program.

Businessmen and businesswomen will learn from professionals in the business program who began with their same passion. You will learn to navigate database programs and spreadsheets as you dive into various business courses. As you progress in your associate degree in business, you will be introduced to international business with a goal of equipping you with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to function in this ever-changing global environment from a Christian worldview.

Online Associate’s Degree in Business Program Format

  • 100% Online

  • 60 total hours

  • 15 hours must be taken through Liberty.
  • Up to 45 hours may be transferred in.


Liberty’s professors are chosen with you in mind. As you pursue your online Associate's degree in Business, you will learn from professors that began with your same passion. The faculty at Liberty have experience as private practice partners, accountants, marketing personnel, and just about every specialty the field of business touches in a legal and administrative setting.  You will learn from their vast years of experience, combined with your knowledge, to grow in practice and leadership. 

Degree Information and Requirements

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Potential Career Options with an Associate Business Degree

This online Associate's degree in Business can prepare you for entry-level positions in the business industry.

  • Accounting

  • Automotive Dealership Manager/Owner
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • General Business
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Statistics/Research
  • Transportation/Logistics

Our students' career goals vary, and that is why our online Associate's degree in Business program is such a great fit. An associate’s degree in business can provide you with the foundational skills and knowledge needed to enter the business industry. Liberty University will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to be confident and relevant in any industry you choose through your online Associate's degree in Business.