Online Academy Enrollment Dates

Enrollment Dates

LUOA’s regular K-12 curriculum start dates for the 2022-2023 school year are every Monday from July through June.


The enrollment dates for K-12 traditional courses are every Thursday before the Monday start date.


Please see below for information on start dates for dual enrollment courses and enhanced courses.

Dual Enrollment Online Course Term Dates

The course registration deadlines below are firm and cannot be extended. Please plan your enrollment accordingly to ensure you are able to register for your desired course prior to the registration deadline.


Spring 2023 A (full semester) & B (8-week)

Course Registration Deadline – December 21

Financial Check-In Deadline – January 9

Start Date – January 16

End Date – May 12 (A term), March 10 (B term)


Spring 2023 C (8-week)

Course Registration Deadline – February 1

Financial Check-In Deadline – February 6

Start Date – February 13

End Date – April 7


Spring 2023 D (8-week)

Course Registration Deadline – March 8

Financial Check-In Deadline – March 13

Start Date – March 20

End Date – May 12


Summer 2023 A (full semester) and B (8-week)

Course Registration Deadline – May 3

Financial Check-In Deadline – May 8

Start Date – May 15

End Date – August 18 (A term), July 7 (B term)


Summer 2023 D (8-week)

Course Registration Deadline – June 14

Financial Check-In Deadline – June 19

Start Date – June 26

End Date – August 18

Enhanced Course Start Dates

Unlike LUOA’s standard courses, Enhanced Courses only have 2 start dates per semester*. Following are the available start dates for Enhanced Courses during the 2022-2023 academic year:

  • August 29 and September 12 for Fall 2022
  • January 30 and February 13 for Spring 2023


*Only semester 1 of full-year courses will start in the fall and only semester 2 of full-year courses will start in the spring.

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