SCI0900: Earth Science

05/01/2023 to 04/30/2024 • Modified 10/11/2023

Course Description

In this full-year course, students explore the Earth and its place in the universe. Students examine the structure of the earth, the topography, rocks, minerals, weather, natural events, oceans, and climate, and how these have contributed to the geologic history of the planet. Earth’s specific and deliberate position in the universe is examined so that students analyze the rationale behind the scriptural truth of Creation and the secular explanations of how and when Earth began. Students are expected to write a researched paper to contrast a secular with a biblical view related to the geologic impact of Noah’s Flood. Throughout the course, students engage in demonstrations and lab activities to reinforce the concepts of the lessons.




Module 1: Introduction to Earth Science

  • Week 1: Let’s Learn About Research & Class Expectations
  • Week 2: The Scientific Method 
  • Week 3: Measurement of the Earth 
  • Week 4: Mapping the Earth

Module 2: Astronomy

  • Week 5: The Big Picture 
  • Week 6: Our Place in the Solar System
  • Week 7: The Planets Part I 
  • Week 8: The Planets Part II
  • Week 9: 1st Quarter Review & Test / Research Paper Submission

Module 3: What’s Going on Inside the Earth?

  • Week 10: Plate Tectonics
  • Week 11: Volcanoes & Earthquakes 
  • Week 12: Earthquakes & Mountains 
  • Week 13: Mountains & How We Date Rock Layers
  • Week 14: Fossils and What They Teach Us

Module 4: Let There Be Rocks 

  • Week 15: Minerals and Igneous Rocks 
  • Week 16: Sedimentary & Metamorphic Rocks
  • Week 17: How to Understand the Rocks Under Your Feet
  • Week 18: Rock Identification and 2nd Quarter Test

Module 5: All About Soil

  • Week 19: Resources, Weathering & Soil 
  • Week 20: Types of Erosion on Land

Module 6: Earth’s Features

  • Week 21: Oceans 
  • Week 22: Moving Water
  • Week 23: Where Does the Water Go? 
  • Week 24: Glaciers – Rivers of Ice

Module 7: How the Atmosphere Works

  • Week 25: What Makes Up the Atmosphere
  • Week 26: How Water Affects the Atmosphere
  • Week 27: Clouds and 3rd Quarter Test

Module 8: Weather

  • Week 28: Precipitation & Air Pressure 
  • Week 29: The Wind is Blowing
  • Week 30: Weather Forecasting

Module 9: Big Weather & Climate

  • Week 31: Storms
  • Week 32: Temperature Changes 
  • Week 33: What is Climate?

Module 10: Human Impacts on the Earth & 4th Quarter Test

  • Week 34: Is Our Climate Changing? 
  • Week 35: Environmental Issues
  • Week 36: Review and 4th Quarter Test

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