LAN1100: English 11

05/01/2024 to 05/30/2025 • Modified 04/23/2024

Course Description

This year-long course will equip students to become more mature writers who are able to clearly and properly express themselves through academic and creative writing. Students will dig far beyond the surface meaning of a text and see the purpose, creativity, and significance of various types of literature. The literary focus is on numerous periods of American Literature in poetry, short stories, personal diaries, nonfiction essays, a novel, and drama. Students will develop a persuasive research paper. Students are guided with biblical truths to develop the skills necessary to honor God through excellence in the written and spoken word.


English 10


Module 1: Class and Theme Introduction: What is an American?

  • Week 1: Theme and Writing Introductions
  • Week 2: Rhetoric

Module 2: What Is an American? Moralistic (and Judgmental)

  • Week 3: The Puritans and Early Americans
  • Week 4: Anne Bradstreet & the Value of Possessions
  • Week 5: Essay Writing and Early American Themes
  • Week 6: Theme Conclusion and Timed Writing

Module 3: What Is an American? Revolutionary (and Rebellious)

  • Week 7: Benjamin Franklin and Patrick Henry
  • Week 8: Thomas Paine and Chief Cornplanter
  • Week 9: Theme Conclusion, Timed Writing, and Quarter Exam

Module 4: Argumentation Research Paper

  • Week 10: Research and Thesis Statement
  • Week 11: Argumentation Research Paper

Module 5: What Is an American? Self-Reliant (& Arrogant)

  • Week 12: Irving, Poe, and Emerson
  • Week 13: Transcendentalism
  • Week 14: Dickinson, Whitman, and Douglass
  • Week 15: Theme Conclusion and Timed Writing

Module 6: What Is an American? Confident (& Disillusioned)

  • Week 16: Memoirs and Short Stories
  • Week 17: Short Stories
  • Week 18: Theme Conclusion, Timed Writing, and Quarter Exam

Module 7: What Is an American? Socially Caring (& Socially Insensitive)

  • Week 19: Theme Introduction and To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Week 20: To Kill a Mockingbird, continued
  • Week 21: To Kill a Mockingbird, continued
  • Week 22: Project, Test, and Theme Expansion
  • Week 23: Theme Conclusion and Timed Writing

Module 8: What Is an American? Realistic (and Fantastical)

  • Week 24: Theme Introduction and American Drama
  • Week 25: Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • Week 26: Non-Fiction Essays
  • Week 27: Theme Conclusion, Timed Writing and Quarter Exam

Module 9: What Is an American? Global (and Individualistic)

  • Week 28: Theme Introduction and Global American Writings
  • Week 29: Global American Writing, continued
  • Week 30: Enchanted Air
  • Week 31: Enchanted Air, continued
  • Week 32: Enchanted Air, continued
  • Week 33: Theme Conclusion and Timed Writing

Module 10: Christian Writers and Literature and Conclusion

  • Week 34: What is an American? Christian Writers and Christian Literature
  • Week 35: Christian Writers and Christian Literature, continued
  • Week 36: Theme Conclusion and Quarter Exam

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