BIB1000: Apologetics

05/01/2023 to 04/30/2024 • Modified 06/08/2023

Course Description

This year-long course provides the opportunity for students to examine key, defining questions regarding Christianity. Students are introduced to apologetics: the biblical history, utility, and practical approaches to sharing their faith to engage culture. Students learn about sound argumentation, critical thinking, and using biblical and historical evidence to discuss Christianity. Subsequently, students apply these skills to evaluate difficult topics such as worldview, miracles, the deity of Jesus, the resurrection, and the concept of evil.




Module 1: Introduction to Apologetics 

  • Week 1: Definition and Importance of Apologetics
  • Week 2: Three Reasons to Do Apologetics
  • Week 3: Apologetics in the Bible
  • Week 4: Apologetics in the Bible (continued)

Module 2: Truth

  • Week 5: Definition and Importance of Truth
  • Week 6: Purpose of Truth and How it Can Be Known
  • Week 7: Conflicting Views of Truth
  • Week 8: How to Refute Relativism
  • Week 9: Introduction to Arguments and First Quarter Exam

Module 3: Critical Thinking

  • Week 10: Analyzing Arguments: Three A’s
  • Week 11: Analyzing Arguments: Three A’s (continued)
  • Week 12: Analyzing Arguments: Three A’s (continued)
  • Week 13: Analysis Paper and Module Test

Module 4: Existence of God/ Worldviews/ Is the Bible God’s Word?

  • Week 14: Worldviews
  • Week 15: Seven Major Worldviews
  • Week 16: Seven Major Worldviews (continued) 
  • Week 17: The Old Testament
  • Week 18: The Old Testament (continued) and Second Quarter Exam

Module 5: Is the Bible God’s Word? (Continued)/ Miracles

  • Week 19: The New Testament
  • Week 20: The New Testament (continued)
  • Week 21: Definition, Purpose, and Presuppositions of Miracles
  • Week 22: Definition, Purpose, and Presuppositions of Miracles (continued)

Module 6: Who Was/Is Jesus? 

  • Week 23: Historical Existence of Jesus 
  • Week 24: Deity of Jesus
  • Week 25: Piecing the Evidence Together 
  • Week 26: Claims of Jesus: Who was Jesus?
  • Week 27: Resurrection Accounts: Importance of the Resurrection and Third Quarter Exam

Module 7: Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

  • Week 28: Examining the Evidence
  • Week 29: Examining the Evidence: Considering Opposing Theories
  • Week 30: Putting it All Together

Module 9: How Could God Allow Evil?/ Engaging the Culture

  • Week 31: Definition, Origin, and the Problem of Evil
  • Week 32: Examining God’s Attributes in Light of Evil
  • Week 33: Possible Solutions to the Problem of Evil
  • Week 34: How Evil Points to God’s Existence
  • Week 35: Three Commitments to Make
  • Week 36: Three More Commitments to Make and Fourth Quarter Exam

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