APP0700: Middle School Guitar

05/01/2023 to 05/30/2024 • Modified 04/23/2024

Course Description

This year-long course will introduce basic guitar skills, including how to play and maintain a guitar. Students will learn the fundamentals of music and the basic skills necessary to play a wide variety of music styles. Students will build their guitar skills by learning to strum chords, reading guitar music, and practicing numerous musical compositions.




Module 1: Let’s Play Guitar

  • Lesson 01.01 Exploring the Guitar
  • Lesson 01.02 Tuning and Playing Your Guitar
  • Lesson 01.03 Playing Melodies
  • Lesson 01.04 Who Wants to be a Rock Star
  • Lesson 01.05 Discussion-Based Assessment

Module 2: Let’s Rock!

  • Lesson: 02.01 Classical Rock
  • Lesson: 02.02 Rock with Chords
  • Lesson: 02.03 Rock with Scales
  • Lesson: 02.04 Protecting Your Music

Module 3: Strumming Chords

  • Lesson: 03.01 Chord Quality
  • Lesson: 03.02 D-A7 Chord Progression
  • Lesson: 03.03 Am-E7 Chord Progression
  • Lesson: 03.04 Staying in Shape

Module 4: Reading Guitar Music

  • Lesson: 04.01 Music Fundamentals
  • Lesson: 04.02 New Note A
  • Lesson: 04.03 New Note B
  • Lesson: 04.04 Segment One Exam
  • Lesson: 04.05 Discussion-Based Assessment

Module 5: Reading Guitar Music

  • Lesson: 05.01 New Note C
  • Lesson: 05.02 New Note D
  • Lesson: 05.03 New Note E
  • Lesson: 05.04 New Note F
  • 5.22.T – Lesson: New Note G

Module 6: Strumming Chords

  • Lesson: 06.01 G-D7 Chord Progression
  • Lesson: 06.02 G-C-D7 Chord Progression
  • Lesson: 06.03 Building Chords
  • Lesson: 06.04 Music in America

Module 7: Guitar Jam Session

  • Lesson: 07.01 Playing in a Band
  • Lesson: 07.02 Time to Jam
  • Lesson: 07.03 Twice as Nice
  • Lesson: 07.04 Discussion-Based Assessment

Module 8: You Rock!

  • Lesson: 08.01 Create Your Own Melody
  • Lesson: 08.02 Creating Your Own Chord Progression
  • Lesson: 08.03 Putting It All Together
  • Lesson: 08.04 Segment Two Exam

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