MAT0100: 1st Grade Math

05/01/2023 to 04/30/2024 • Modified 06/08/2023

Course Description

This math course helps students continue to build and strengthen their math skills. Students will continue to learn about counting, comparing, and ordering sets of up to 110 objects; recognizing and describing simple repeating and growing patterns; and tracing, describing, and sorting plane figures. Students will also learn to recognize and describe part-whole relationships for numbers up to 10 and solve story and picture problems using addition and subtraction within 20. Additionally, students will use nonstandard units to measure, organize, and interpret data. Moreover, students will learn about fractional concepts involving halves and fourths. The students will continue to deepen their education through these areas with biblical integration throughout the course!




Module 1: Number Sense

  • Week 1: Counting
  • Week 2: Counting Continued
  • Week 3: Tally Marks and Ten Frames 
  • Week 4: Teen Numbers

Module 2: Place Value 

  • Week 5: Tens and Ones 
  • Week 6: Expanded Form 
  • Week 7: Comparing Numbers 
  • Week 8: Ordering Numbers 
  • Week 9: Quarter One Review

Module 3: Estimation & Rounding

  • Week 10: Estimation
  • Week 11: Rounding

Module 4: Shapes & Patterns 

  • Week 12: Shape Investigations 
  • Week 13: Shapes
  • Week 14: Sorting
  • Week 15: Repeating and Growing Patterns

Module 5: Fractions

  • Week 16: Fractions
  • Week 17: Fractions Continued 
  • Week 18: Quarter Two Review

Module 6: Addition and Subtraction Strategies

  • Week 19 Drawing Pictures and Number Lines 
  • Week 20: Counting On
  • Week 21: Ways to Make Ten and Number Bonds 
  • Week 22: Doubles
  • Week 23: Fact Families
  • Week 24: Equality and Balanced Equations

Module 7: Word Problems & Graphing

  • Week 25: Word Problems 
  • Week 26: Graphing
  • Week 27: Quarter Three Review

Module 8: Money

  • Week 28: Money
  • Week 29: Counting Coins
  • Week 30: Money Combinations and Word Problems

Module 9: Time

  • Week 31: Types of Clocks and Telling Time to the Hour
  • Week 32: Telling Time to the Hour and Half-Hour 
  • Week 33: Calendar

Module 10: Measurement 

  • Week 34: Length and Weight 
  • Week 35: Capacity and Volume 
  • Week 36: Quarter Four Review

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