LAN0600: 6th Grade Language Arts

05/01/2023 to 04/30/2024 • Modified 08/09/2023

Course Description

This year-long course equips students to read and analyze a variety of texts. Students engage with age-appropriate fictional texts, narrative nonfiction, biographies, and poetry. These and other texts frame the students’ vocabulary comprehension through contextual application. Students write creatively, descriptively, and persuasively using correct grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and paragraphing. Students study all steps of the development of a research paper and then utilize the learned skills to produce a well-structured research paper. Students are guided with biblical truths to develop the skills necessary to honor God through excellence in the written and spoken word.


5th Grade Language Arts


Module 1: Introduction to Course and Grammar Review

  • Week 1: Introduction to Course and Vocabulary
  • Week 2: Grammar Review
  • Week 3: Vocabulary Quiz and Grammar Review
  • Week 4: Sixth Grade Expectations and Paragraph Writing

Module 2: The Magician’s Nephew, Expository Writing, and Creative Writing

  • Week 5: C. S. Lewis, Narnia, and The Magician’s Nephew
  • Week 6: The Magician’s Nephew, continued
  • Week 7: The Magician’s Nephew, continued and Expository Writing
  • Week 8: The Magician’s Nephew, continued
  • Week 9: Final Project and Assessments

Module 3: Amos Fortune, Free Man and Historic Literature

  • Week 10: Introduction to Nonfiction
  • Week 11: Amos Fortune, Free Man
  • Week 12: Amos Fortune, Free Man, continued
  • Week 13: Amos Fortune, Free Man, continued
  • Week 14: Amos Fortune, Free Man, Continued

Module 4: Shades of Gray

  • Week 15: Introduction to Shades of Gray
  • Week 16: Shades of Gray
  • Week 17: Shades of Gray, continued
  • Week 18: Shades of Gray Review and Quarter Exam

Module 5: Out of Darkness and Biographies

  • Week 19: Out of Darkness
  • Week 20: Out of Darkness, continued, and Biography Writing
  • Week 21: Out of Darkness, continued, and Biography Writing

Module 6: Poetry

  • Week 22: Introduction to Poetry
  • Week 23: Figurative Language and Poetic Forms
  • Week 24: Poetic Forms, continued

Module 7: Informative Writing and The Five-Paragraph Essay

  • Week 25: Informative Writing; Five-Paragraph Essay Preparation
  • Week 26: Write a Five-Paragraph Essay
  • Week 27: Oral Presentation and Quarter Exam

Module 8: The Research Paper

  • Week 28: Introduction to the Research Process
  • Week 29: Research and Note Cards
  • Week 30: Prewriting and Rough Draft
  • Week 31: Research Paper Final Draft

Module 9: Anne of Green Gables and Creative Writing

  • Week 32: Anne of Green Gables
  • Week 33: Anne of Green Gables, continued
  • Week 34: Anne of Green Gables, continued
  • Week 35: Anne of Green Gables, continued
  • Week 36: Anne of Green Gables Project and Quarter Exam

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