CSB2100: Programming Logic: C++

05/01/2023 to 04/30/2024 • Modified 11/07/2023

Course Description

This semester-long course will introduce the student to the basics of programming in C++. The student will learn and apply key programming concepts such as using variables, functions, loops, conditional statements, object-oriented programming, and exception handling, all in the C++ programming language. Throughout the course, learning will be demonstrated through the completion of practical programming exercises. Upon completing this course, students will be prepared for further programming in C++ or can apply their understanding of programming in C++ to skill development with other programming languages.


Junior Standing


Module 1: An Overview of Computers and Programming

Module 2: Basic Elements of C++

Module 3: Input/Output

Module 4: Control Structures I (Selection)

Module 5: Control Structures II (Repetition)

Module 6: User-Defined Functions

Module 7: User-Defined Simple Data Types

Module 8: Arrays and Strings

Module 9: Classes and Data Abstraction

Module 10: Inheritance and Composition

Module 11: Pointers, Classes, Virtual Functions, and Abstract Classes

Module 12: Overloading and Templates

Module 13: Exception Handling

Module 14: Recursion

Module 15: Searching, Sorting, and the Vector Type

Module 16: Linked Lists

Module 17: Stacks and Queues

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