BIB0K00: Kindergarten Bible

05/01/2024 to 05/30/2025 • Modified 04/28/2024

Course Description

This course introduces students to the Bible. The students will learn about the lives of many people in the Bible. Students will also complete activities that help them deepen their understanding of the lessons and what they learn about God’s Word. The Bible course teaches students how much Jesus loves them and will encourage them to pursue a personal relationship with Christ. Additionally, the material taught in this course will serve as a building block in years to come as students deepen their knowledge about the Bible.




Module 1: In the Beginning

  • Week 1: In the Beginning
  • Week 2: First People
  • Week 3: The First Family
  • Week 4: The Life of Noah

Module 2: Beginning Bible Lessons

  • Week 5: The Tower of Babel
  • Week 6: Abraham and Isaac
  • Week 7: Jacob and Esau
  • Week 8: The Life of Joseph
  • Week 9: Joseph in Egypt

Module 3: The Life of Moses

  • Week 10: Baby Moses
  • Week 11: God Speaks to Moses

Module 4: The Israelites

  • Week 12: Israel in the Desert
  • Week 13: Joshua and Jericho
  • Week 14: Samson
  • Week 15: David and Goliath

Module 5: The Wise & Faithful

  • Week 16: King Solomon
  • Week 17: Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego
  • Week 18: Review Week

Module 6: Daniel, Jonah, & Baby Jesus

  • Week 19: Daniel
  • Week 20: Jonah
  • Week 21: Birth of Jesus

Module 7: The Life of Jesus

  • Week 22: The Wise Men
  • Week 23: Jesus Grows Up
  • Week 24: The Apostles

Module 8: Miracles & New Testament Stories

  • Week 25: Jesus Loves the Children
  • Week 26: Zacchaeus
  • Week 27: Jesus Heals the Sick

Module 9: The Church

  • Week 28: The Good Shepherd
  • Week 29: The House on the Rock
  • Week 30: Jesus on the Cross
  • Week 31: Jesus Lives Again!
  • Week 32: The Church

Module 10: The Good News

  • Week 34: Paul Spreads the Gospel
  • Week 35: Learning From God’s Word
  • Week 36: Review Week

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