BIB0900: Survey of the Bible

05/01/2023 to 04/30/2024 • Modified 07/07/2023

Course Description

This year-long course will focus on the Bible as a story, presenting the Bible in chronological order so that the narrative of God’s Word is understood in a historical context. In particular, this course will give students a glimpse into how God has worked throughout history to initiate and carry out His plan of redemption for the human race through His Son, Jesus Christ. Throughout the course, students will be given opportunities for practical application and reflection on the passages they encounter.




Module 1: Introduction to the Bible

  • Week 1: The History of the Bible & Overview of the Old Testament
  • Week 2: The Intertestamental Period, Overview of the New Testament & Quiz
  • Week 3: Dividing the Scriptures: The Pentateuch, the Books of History and Poetry, and the Major Prophets
  • Week 4: Dividing the Scriptures: The Minor Prophets, the Gospels, Acts & the Pauline Letters
  • Week 5: Dividing the Scriptures: General Epistles, Revelation & Test

Module 2: The Beginning, a Story of Patience, and God’s People Delivered

  • Week 6: Creation to Noah & the Story of Job
  • Week 7: From Abram to Joseph in Egypt
  • Week 8: Project & The Exodus to Mount Sinai and the Ten Commandments
  • Week 9: Israel at Mount Sinai and the Tabernacle & Quarter 1 Exam

Module 3: God Gives the Law, the People Complain, and the Wilderness Years

  • Week 10: The Law of Moses & a Census is Taken
  • Week 11: Consecrating the Tabernacle, More Laws, and God’s Chosen People
  • Week 12: “Remember the Lord Your God”

Module 4: From Conquest to Kingdom: Joshua to David

  • Week 13: Joshua to the First Judges
  • Week 14: Samson, Ruth, Samuel, Saul, and David
  • Week 15: David’s Flight and the Death of King Saul & Project
  • Week 16: The House of David is Established
  • Week 17: David’s Sin and Its Aftermath & David Prepares for a Temple
  • Week 18: David’s Organization for the Temple and Death & Quarter 2 Exam

Module 5: Solomon Builds and His Descendants Divide

  • Week 19: The Rise of King Solomon & the Wisdom of Proverbs
  • Week 20: Solomon’s Building Projects, More Proverbs, Ecclesiastes & a Kingdom Divided
  • Week 21: The Early Kings of Israel & Judah
  • Week 22: Pride, Judgement & the Promise of Redemption

Module 6: The Lord’s Promises of Judgement and Restoration

  • Week 23: Isaiah Prophesies, Hosea Warns, & a New Song
  • Week 24: The One True God, the Promise of Salvation, & the Call of Jeremiah
  • Week 25: Project & Jeremiah Prophesies Judgement & Deliverance
  • Week 26: The Fall of Jerusalem, Ezekiel’s Call & an Everlasting Covenant
  • Week 27: God’s People, the New Temple, the Day of the Lord & Quarter 3 Exam

Module 7: Prophecy & the Restoration of Jerusalem

  • Week 28: The Babylonian Captivity, the Temple Rebuilt, the Visions of Zechariah & Esther
  • Week 29: Ezra, Nehemiah & Malachi

Module 8: The Life and Ministry of Jesus and the Apostle’s Early Work

  • Week 30: The Life and Early Ministry of Jesus
  • Week 31: The Late Ministry of Jesus, His Crucifixion and Resurrection & the Coming of the Holy Spirit
  • Week 32: The Ministries of Paul, Silas, Timothy & James
  • Week 33: Paul’s Suffering, God’s Righteousness & “A Living Sacrifice”

Module 9: Christian Leadership and Responsibilities & the Last Days

  • Week 34: Alive and Made New, the Mystery of the Gospel & Paul’s Travels from Greece to Rome
  • Week 35: Qualifications for Leadership, the Foundation of the Faith, and Instructions for the Church
  • Week 36: The Last Days & Quarter 4 Exam

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