Valentine’s Day DIYs

BY: Kayla Horn

February 7, 2022

2 min read



As a child, I remember Valentine’s Day being so sweet and fun! My memories are tinted with a pretty pink, filled with heart shaped candies, flowers, cute stuffed animals, and one of my favorite things, crafts! Today, I will be sharing a few Valentine’s Day DIYs that are sure to make some memories. 


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Salt Dough Hearts – The Best Ideas for Kids 

Conversation hearts are a Valentine’s Day staple. Now, you can customize your own using homemade salt dough! Obviously, for decoration only! 


Valentine’s Day Crystal Hearts Experiment – Little Bins for Little Hands 

You can get scientific this Valentine’s Day by growing your very own crystals in the shape of a heart! 


Thumbprint Heart Glass Magnets (VIDEO) – Rhythms of Play 

Make this simple homemade keepsake with just a few materials and your thumbs! 


How To Make Pom Pom Monsters || Practically Functional 

These Valentine’s Day pom pom monsters are so cute and fluffy! 


Valentines Day Windsock Toilet Paper Roll Craft – Easy Peasy and Fun 

Create these super easy and simple windsocks to help decorate for the holiday. 


For these ideas and more, check out our Pinterest board dedicated to Valentine’s DIYs. 


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Kayla Horn

Kayla works at LUOA as the Social Communications Coordinator/Graphic Designer. She graduated from Liberty University in May of 2020 and is currently pursuing her master’s degree. Kayla grew up in Mount Airy, Maryland, and in Denver, Colorado as well, so both places feel like home to her. She loves to dance, spend time outdoors, and explore new places!

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