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Photographer: Sarah Sidwell

Question: Can you give us a little background about you and your family?

Adie: My name is Adrienne (aka Adie) Camp. I was born and raised in South Africa, but moved to America when I was 19 years old to be a part of the music industry here in Nashville – I was the lead singer of the band The Benjamin Gate. We toured around the country, and I actually met my husband, Jeremy Camp, while touring. We have been married for almost 15 years and have three awesome kids – Isabella, 14, Arianne, 12, and Egan, 7.


Question: What does life look like for you on the road and at home?

Adie: Life at home is significantly busier and different from our life on the road. At home I wake up early and have my quiet time with the Lord before the kids wake up, and when everyone is awake we start school together. Because I have three kids in three different grades, it’s a little bit of a back-and-forth between each of them. Each year has looked a little different depending on the season we are in; which I am a huge advocate for. As a homeschooler it is completely OK to have certain seasons look different from the others, and to enjoy the flexibility that you have! We’re very involved at church, as well as, in our community through theater group, various sports, and music lessons.

On the road, there isn’t as much distraction, so it is much easier to get schoolwork done, and because I don’t have a kitchen, a house, or a laundry room to maintain, the only thing I’m responsible for is school. We usually have a big box that we haul into the venues daily, and we set up little stations in a room to do school. In the evening we gather as a family for dinner, enjoy watching Jeremy’s shows, then we jump back on the bus and go to bed.


Question: Have you always wanted to homeschool?

Adie: No, I never imagined that I would be a homeschool mom. I used to tell people I would be quite happy with someone else educating my children, and I didn’t view school as my responsibility. I’m not exactly sure when the Lord changed my heart, but He did! Once I started praying about it, I asked the Lord to show me very clearly and He was so faithful to do so. Eventually, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was going to homeschool my kids, and it has been one of the best journeys I have ever taken.


Question: What do you love about homeschooling?

Adie: I love the flexibility that we have with school. We are able to travel with Jeremy all over the world, and the things my children have experienced have been incredible. Although it requires a lot juggling and having to adjust (especially with jet lag), I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


Question: What challenges have you run into for homeschooling? What helped you overcome them?

Adie: There is a huge time commitment being a homeschool mom. But before you think, “I could never do that”, the reward far outweighs the sacrifice. I cannot tell you how much I love seeing my children learn new things about their relationship with the Lord, as well as the world He has created for us.

I have other homeschool moms on speed dial, so whenever I am feeling frustrated or discouraged I know I have other people that are in the same boat as me. One of my homeschool mentors has encouraged me through challenging days (i.e. Math), to enjoy the flexibility that we have.

One of the biggest concerns for homeschool families is social interaction. To work against this, our family is very involved in our local church and we enjoy having people in our home often. To get our children around people their age, they attend and volunteer at church and they’re very involved in a local theater group, which has given them an amazing creative and social platform.


Question: What is your favorite thing about being able to homeschool your children?

Adie: One of my favorite things about homeschooling is the conversations I’ve been able to have with my children. I’m not saying you can’t have those conversations outside of homeschooling, but because you’re covering various aspects of curriculum, I have opportunities to have great organic conversations with my children. Sometimes, we have covered things in school that I didn’t know their hearts needed to hear.

We’re able to teach our kids not only who they are in Christ and what God thinks of them individually, but we’re also able to speak into major life issues that cause many kids to question their faith. We’re able to have the conversations like, “Why do bad things happen? Did God really create the earth? Is the Bible relevant for today? What does the Bible have to say about all these things?”

As I have been teaching my kids, I have also learned many important things that have encouraged my faith as well. There have been many days I have been overwhelmed, exhausted, and frustrated, but I have learned to lean into the strength that can be found in the Lord. When I am stumped, I simply ask the Lord for wisdom, and He has been faithful every single time. 


Question: What is some advice you would give to families who are looking into homeschooling their children?

Adie: If you are considering homeschooling, go for it! I really believe you will have some of the best seasons you’ve ever had with your children, and you will build sweet relationships with them that will be last the rest of your lives. Yes, homeschooling can be tiring at times, but doesn’t everything great require something of us? Take each season as it comes and seek the Lord for what’s best for your family and for each child.

On some days, we can complete a double load of schooling in one day because everything is working really well, and on other days we might move a bit slower. Don’t stress about those days. Enjoy snuggling up and reading stories together or whatever you have to do for that day. Make memories and have fun!

Do not grow weary in doing good. Remember to enjoy the seasons you have together with your family, because time goes by so fast. Make wonderful memories together and enjoy each other, and when it is time to send them into the world, you will know that you poured your heart into equipping them to be a light for those around them. Remember, at the end of the day our precious children belong to the Lord. We do not want them to be a reflection of us and our abilities, but of Him.

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