Giving Back

BY: Carrie Henning

November 4, 2019

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The holiday season is approaching. While it’s so easy to get caught up in the materialistic elements of the season, it is a great reminder to be thankful for what we have. To combat the materialistic mindset, find ways to give back as a family. Give families in need something to be thankful for! You can be a blessing to your community and to those around you. You may have traditions for giving back, but if you need new ideas or inspiration to begin, here are five simple ways to give back this holiday season.



Soup kitchen

Many towns have a local soup kitchen for those less fortunate, and the majority of them are always looking for volunteers. This is a great way to get plugged into your community and give back to those in need! Thanksgiving is a time where we usually imagine a large table of food, and a soup kitchen or food kitchen is a wonderful way to bring that to life for families who need it. Google search nearby soup kitchens and choose a time where your entire family can go and serve others.


Collect clothing

If you’re a parent, you know that children grow out of clothes quickly! Take time to go through the closet of each of your children and choose clothes to give away. Even go through your own closet! If you’re a student reading this, you can participate, too! Go through your closet and remove clothes that either don’t fit you or that you no longer wear. Or, set a budget for your family and go to a local clothing store and buy brand new clothes for families! Maybe you know of a particular family in your community or maybe you can donate them to a local shelter. There are so many people who don’t have the ability to go and buy clothes they need, and there are people at every age who could use clothing. What a great and simple way to give back!


Toy drive

Could you imagine your childhood without your favorite toy? Did you ever dream about a particular toy you wanted growing up? Make that dream a reality for a child in need and donate old or new toys! Just like the clothing suggestion, go through your children’s toy box and find toys they don’t play with anymore or even have your children pick out toys to give away! You can also choose a budget and go to the store to purchase brand new toys. Gift someone in need with them or donate them to a local shelter!


Care package for troops

At Liberty Online Academy, many of our families are actively serving in the military. This may cause families to be separated around holidays. A great way to give back is to create care packages for troops who are stationed overseas. Not only is this a great way to give back and bring a little bit of home to them, but it’s also a great way to thank them for all that they do for the United States. Put one or a few care packages together, including thank you notes, deodorant, and other small things!


Blanket drive

Winter is approaching quickly, and families in need may be looking for ways to stay warm in the cold weather. Donate old or new blankets to families or shelters! This is a simple way to show love to someone less fortunate than you. Some families will safety pin prayers and notes to the blankets, as an extra hug of encouragement in the gift.

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Carrie Henning

Carrie works at LUOA as the Coordinator of Social Communications. She graduated from Liberty University with her bachelor’s in elementary education and is working on her master’s in communications. She grew up in Tampa, FL, and loves reading, writing, and drinking (overpriced) coffee.

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