FAQs for Online Elementary School

BY: Kayla Horn

January 25, 2021

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“Teachers around the world consider elementary education the most important part in every person’s educational life,” Sherryl Kerr, of Education Versus Literacy, wrote. “It is the first milestone set to define a person’s life, professionally, academically, and personally.” 


It is no surprise that parents have so many questions at this stage of their child’s life. The world of education has changed immenselybesetting them with even more questions: where to send their childhow to prepare themandhow to double as their teacher during the age of virtual learning.  


Liberty University Online Academy now serves more than 14,500 online students. LUOA is ready and able to help prepare your child for success as thebegin or continue their academic careerLUOA offers every student the following educational advantages and benefits:  

  • structuredyet flexible program 
  • Customized learning plans to meet your student’s educational needs 
  • Continual enrollment that allows students to enter at any time throughout the year 
  • Around-the-clock access to curriculum and grades 
  • Academic, administrative, and technical support. 
  • Certified teachers and responsive staff 
  • Curriculum taught from a biblical perspective 

You may be thinking. “Wow, that sounds great, but I still have a lot of questions.” No worries! LUOA has the answers. 


My child is not a strong reader yet! How will they learn online? 

LUOA incorporates printable activities, gamesand virtual elements into the curriculum. This provides content for all types of learners: hands-on, visual, and auditory.  

One of LUOA’s Elementary school teachersKelly Griffin, said, “We have the students use graphic organizers and timelines to help them better understand the information. Some assignments allow students to use their creativity and, in some instances, create small projects that allow them to interact with what they have learned and gain a better understanding of the topic. If students are struggling with any area, but particularly with reading, they can reach out to their teacher for tips and strategies for tackling the task. We often do this over the phone or through online chat.  

Additionally, many of our parents create interactive elements outside of our curriculum. LUOA’s Pinterest is a wonderful place to start brainstorming fun activities for your elementary student! The nature of LUOA allows for individualized attention, which can help students connect with the material better by focusing on their specific educational needs. 


How can I make sure my child receives the social interaction they need at an online school? 

Developmental Psychologist Amy LearmonthPhD, wrote the following in an article in Healthline: “Young children are learning the basics of being social beings, and their parents and siblings can provide most of the input they need. However, this is not to diminish the importance of social interaction. Learmonth also writes that as children get older, they need to navigate the complexity of interacting with their peers. As an online school, LUOA is self-paced and flexible, providing students with more time in their days. This provides them with adequate space for much-neededpositive, and appropriate, social interaction, whether it be extracurriculars or a playdate at the park. 


How involved are parents in the teaching process? 

LUOA’s teachers, advisors, and subject specialists partner with you as the parent to provide support with your student’s educational journey. Each lesson in LUOA’s elementary curriculum is equipped with a “lesson” for the parent. This teaches the parent what and how to instruct their child  and is complete with ideas and activities to implement into the lesson. Parents are vital in the teaching process in early elementary. Astudents advance through elementary grade levels, they will be able to do their schoolwork more independently, while reaching out to their teachers and advisors as needed for assistance. 


How long will my student be logged into a device each day? 

With LUOA’s flexible program, you control and organize the school day as you see fit. You may have your student do all the work in one sitting or schedule it out.. Time spent logged into an electronic device will vary depending on your school calendar, the number of subjects that have been assigned, and the student’s understanding of the course materialsGenerally, a student taking a full course load spread over a 180-day school year will spend three to five hours per day completing schoolwork. This includes hands-on, asynchronous activities, so they are not glued to their screen constantly. 


Can I see a demo class so I can get an idea of what a day looks like? 

We would love to show you a sample of LUOA’s curriculum 


How can we get started? 

You can apply here! 


If you have any more questions about our online elementary school program, or even our middle, high school, or dual enrollment programs, do not hesitate to reach out to us by calling 1-855-814-8619, emailing LUOAinfo@liberty.edu, or connecting with us on Facebook or Instagram 

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Kayla Horn

Kayla works at LUOA as the Social Communications Coordinator/Graphic Designer. She graduated from Liberty University in May of 2020 and is currently pursuing her master’s degree. Kayla grew up in Mount Airy, Maryland, and in Denver, Colorado as well, so both places feel like home to her. She loves to dance, spend time outdoors, and explore new places!

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