Fall Activities

BY: Carrie Henning

September 21, 2020

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It’s hard to believe that fall is already here! Today is one of my favorite days because the time between today and the end of the year is my absolute favorite of the year! So as fall begins, we want to talk about fun activities you can do as a family. This year may look different, but we can still have an eventful fall season!


Visit a pumpkin patch or harvest festival

A lot of towns will offer this autumn classic activity. Find a local pumpkin patch, corn maze, apple orchard, or harvest festival for your family to enjoy together. Search on Facebook events near you, google your town, or visit your local parks and recreation website to see what events are taking place and when. Many of the activities will be free, but all or most of them will require social distancing and masks, so be prepared!


Carving pumpkins

After picking pumpkins at a pumpkin patch, carve pumpkins as a family! Use them as decoration around the house afterwards to show off your children’s work. You can find stencils online or in stores, as well as purchasing tools specifically for carving pumpkins. My family used to paint pumpkins when I was younger, which was a fun and different way to create! When you hollow out the pumpkin, be sure to bake the pumpkin seeds for a fun and easy snack!


Make an apple recipe

After visiting an apple orchard (as mentioned above), find fun and easy apple recipes to make as a family! One seasonal classic recipe is an apple pie. Use the apples your family picked earlier (or if you’ve opted out of that, the ones you purchased at a local store) and try a fun recipe together! Here are a few easy apple-related recipes you can try:

Classic Apple Pie

Cast Iron Apple Blackberry Crumble

Apple Pie French Toast

Apple Pie Fries


Collect colored leaves

As a kid growing up in Florida, I never really saw leaves change color in the fall season. My great grandfather collected leaves of every color, sealed them in a notebook, and gave it to me so I could see different colored leaves. I still have that book today! Take your family on a walk and collect leaves together. This is a fun (and free) activity that gets your family moving while enjoying the weather that fall brings. If you have younger kids who are learning colors, this could also be a great opportunity to practice!


Go on a hike/go on a walk

With autumn comes crisp and cool weather (in most areas). Enjoy the nice weather why going on a walk or even taking a hike with your family. No matter the age of your children, this can be a fun activity everyone can enjoy. Base the intensity off of your family and what works for you all. Walks and hikes are also a great opportunity for families to have conversations and just spend time with one another. Another tip for this is to stay off of electronics during the walk. Take in nature and family time without the distraction of cell phones!


Have a bonfire

This is a classic activity that can take place all year, but the fall season is a special season to do this in. Bundle up (if it’s cold out) and have a bonfire with your family. Use this time to ask fun questions, talk about the day, or even read to your students. This can organically and naturally stir up conversations that might not happen in other settings.

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Carrie Henning

Carrie works at LUOA as the Coordinator of Social Communications. She graduated from Liberty University with her bachelor’s in elementary education and is working on her master’s in communications. She grew up in Tampa, FL, and loves reading, writing, and drinking (overpriced) coffee.

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