Bella Robertson: Balancing School on the Road

BY: Bella Robertson

May 29, 2019

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Question: How did you find out about LUOA?
I found out about LUOA because my brother John Luke went to Liberty and he was doing online classes through Liberty.



Question: Tell us a little bit about a typical day for you? What does life look like for you on the road and at home?
A typical day for me looks like this; I work at a coffee shop most days so my school schedule revolves around that if I work from 7:15-1:30 then I would go straight from work to my math tutor’s house, work for a while, then to a coffee shop to finish the rest of my classes, and hopefully if I have time I hit the gym for my health and PE class. My life is a little crazy, it’s not like most, and it’s definitely not always easy. I spend 2 months of the year on the road and most of the rest at home, though I travel a lot. Like, a LOT. This is how I’ve lived for quite some time now, and I absolutely love it. It’s fun and it’s crazy, and fast-paced, but It can also be very hard to keep up with responsibilities. My life at home, even though I’m at home, is still very “go go go.” I am a very busy person, not always physically but mentally; I like to be busy, I do not like to just sit at home and lay around. I love to be busy, whether that’s working, picking up friends, working on a new painting, I always like to be busy.


Question: What challenges do you see juggling schoolwork on the road? What are the best parts of being able to do schoolwork on the go?
Being an online student can be hard when you are on the road because while you’re traveling around seeing new places it can be hard to confine yourself to one specific space to try to get your work done. A lot of times school can be the last thing you want to do, I understand that. I think the best thing to get you through it though is remembering where you’re doing school, and that you could be sitting in a classroom full of people you can’t relate to, for hours on end, but you’re not; Wherever you are, a coffee shop in your town, a green room of an event 7 states over, or even your bed, you are not in a classroom, you are exactly where you want to be, you just have to pay some life fees to be there.



Question: What’s your favorite class?
My favorite class in LUOA is definitely my Bible class, maybe because that is what I feel like I can make the most use out of in my everyday life. I’ve learned SO much in my Bible class, and so much stuff I normally read but never thought I could remember. My Bible teacher at LUOA does a really good job of making us remember it.



Question: What’s your favorite thing about homeschooling?
 By being homeschooled this past year, I’ve learned a lot about the power of just slowing down, being okay just sitting by myself working on my schoolwork. I’ve learned that it’s healthy to not be going going going all the time.



Question: What advice would you give to a girl your age?
Advice I would give to a girl my age. I’ve got a lot. First off I would say be kind, be kind always. My great-grandma always says “You are not kind because others are kind to you. You are kind because you are a kind person.” I also would tell them to learn the power of grace. I have so many friends who love Jesus so much but don’t quite know the power of His grace, therefore they live in a constant state of fear to make a mistake. That is exhausting. Learn the power of grace so that you can live freely. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that the best way to live is with the mindset of “You make a mistake; You own up to it; You learn; You try to be better next time.” That is my advice to YOU.

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Bella Robertson

Bella is a senior at LUOA. After starring on “Duck Dynasty” with her family, she went on to serve as the tour photographer for Live Original, a Christian event for young adults. When she isn’t on the road, Bella enjoys writing, serving as a guest writer on the Live Original blog. 

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