Back to School Series: Tips for Success

BY: Carrie Henning

August 6, 2019

3 min read

Many of our students are beginning the school year now or very soon! We talked to our staff members and got some practical advice for beginning the school year (and continuing) with success.


Carrie Henning (Coordinator of Social Communications)

Get organized early and stick with it! Write down your goals for the year and stick with it! Stay organized and motivated the entire year!


Chelsea Moore (Senior Admissions Counselor)

Make a schedule, and stick to it! Set yourself up for success!


Julie Mustakas (High School Advisor)

Put yourself on a schedule and try to do the same schedule every day. Also, write out what needs to be done each day. Visually seeing your to-do list will help you get through everything on your plate!


Brandon Cox (Data Entry Specialist)

Set aside certain days for doing schoolwork, and go all-in during that timeframe with concentration, drive, writing, discussion boards & reading.  Take small breaks in-between long study sessions. Study in smaller chunks over longer periods of time instead of cramming larger amounts of material into shorter amounts of time.  After you’ve studied hard and accomplished your end goal with your semester, you’ve needed to play hard.  Remember to set aside a party day or a fun accessory to buy that you’ve wanted, and purchase it—after you’ve reached your academic achievement.  It gives you something fun to look forward to after you’ve put in all the hard work.


Paola Gibbs (Admissions Counselor)

Buy a planner. It’s difficult to keep up with due dates and deadlines if you don’t stay organized. Keeping a planner helps you stay on track and gives you peace of mind. There’s never that “uh, did I forget something?” voice in the back of your head stressing you out if you write things down.


Chadwick Moore (Dual Enrollment Advisor)

I would recommend that students & their parents take the time to plan out what their schedule will look like to get everything done in a timely manner, & so that there are no surprises with how much work needs to be done.


Bethany Mannion (Elementary School Advisor)

Stay focused and be prepared. You’ve got this! The parent observer account is an excellent tool to be able to look ahead and make sure you have the books and materials needed for upcoming modules and assignments. This will also prove super valuable in remaining on schedule!


Tim Gregory (Strategic Affiliations Advisor)

Pace yourself and do not go too quick or slow to begin with!


Christina Duckworth (Elementary Academic Advisor)

Be sure to read through the Course Syllabi on the website to see what will be covered in the course as well as any course materials that will be needed for the year. Look through the Student Orientation courses as well as the Parents/Guardians orientation courses located on our website before starting. There will be a few questions at the end of the first week in each of your student’s courses related to information that is listed in the Orientation courses!

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Carrie Henning

Carrie works at LUOA as the Coordinator of Social Communications. She graduated from Liberty University with her a bachelor’s in elementary education and is working on her master’s in communications. She grew up in Tampa, FL, and loves reading, writing, and drinking (overpriced) coffee.

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