Back to School Series: Organizing

BY: Carrie Henning

August 12, 2019

2 min read

If you’re like me, you get excited about “back to school.” I always loved getting ready for the school year, buying my supplies, and organizing my backpack. Something I noticed over the years, though, is that I start the school year strong, but the motivation to stay organized dwindles off as the school year progresses. Do you see the same mentality in your children or in yourself?  


As the school year begins, I wanted to list some practical ways to get organized for the school year. It’s important to remember that this matter all year long – not just August! Here are some simple ways to start the school year organized.  


Get a planner 

There are a lot of ways you can keep a planner. You can buy a print one, use your phone, use your laptop, or even keep a calendar in your home. You can keep important dates (for personal and for school use) here. It’s easy to get jumbled up when it comes to dates and times. This helps lay everything out for easy reference. It’ll become second nature to write everything down and keep yourself accountable the more you do this! 


Color coordinate classes 

I used to separate my classes by color. For example, my blue binder and notebook would be for history, red for math, etc. This made it easy for me to navigate where everything belonged and where I could find important notes and documents. With LUOA, many of our students take advantage of working remotely outside of the home (like a coffee shop). This can help ensure you’re grabbing the correct materials needed for your study outing! You can also implement this in your planner or on your calendar – mark your due dates in the corresponding colors! 


Keep your study area clean 

Parents, can I get an amen? By keeping your study space clean, you’re able to better organize papers, books, etc., while also being able to focus more on the task at hand. Ensure that your children are keeping their space tidy, set up bins where everything goes, label spots clearly, and keep your kids accountable! Something important to remember is to keep your own space clean, as kids will imitate you! Set an example by keeping your “study area” clean, too! 


Don’t leave your desktop messy 

Sometimes in the middle of projects, I’ll have a dozen documents saved on my desktop. This overwhelms me whenever I open my laptop to work on school work. Organizing your desktop seems silly and small, but it makes a difference in your mind when you open your computer to work. 



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Carrie Henning

Carrie works at LUOA as the Coordinator of Social Communications. She graduated from Liberty University with her a bachelor’s in elementary education and is working on her master’s in communications. She grew up in Tampa, FL, and loves reading, writing, and drinking (overpriced) coffee.

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