Back to School DIYs

BY: Deanna Carter

August 8, 2019

2 min read

The school year is coming soon, and we could not be more excited! We found some fun DIYs for your workspace to make your school year the best ever! 


DIY Geometric Bowls 

These are so fun and easy to make, the best part is that these are so easy to customize! 


You’ll need: 

  • Scrapbook paper 
  • Scissors 
  • Glue 
  • Folding template (find through the link above)



  1. You’ll need to cut 12×12 scrapbook paper down to 8 1/2×11, so that it will fit in the printer. One paper will be the outside and the other will be the inside.  
  2. Print the folding template on the blank side of the paper (that will not show) 
  3. Cut the hexagon out then cut along the dotted lines.  
  4. Start folding the paper along the lines, the inside should be folded towards the side that’s not printed, and the exterior should be folded towards the side that is printed.  
  5. Glue the triangles with numbers to the nearest triangle so that they overlap.  
  6. Leave two sections unglued on the outside piece so you can glue the inside piece in. Then glue the flaps closed.  
  7. Then trim, and enjoy! 



Custom Dry Erase Board 

This project spices up any space, and is super easy to make! 


You’ll need:

  • Picture frame with glass 
  • Scrapbook paper or fabric 
  • Glue stick 
  • Scissors 
  • Dry erase marker 



  1. Cut your paper or fabric to fit your picture frame.  
  2. Remove the back of the picture frame and glue the paper or fabric to the back so that when you put it back in it is facing the glass.  
  3. Put picture frame back together and enjoy! 



Pocket Clipboard

Clipboards are so cheap and easy to spruce up to use in your space! My favorite idea is using them as a pocket, a calendar holder, or even a picture holder! 


You’ll need: 

  • Scrapbook paper or fabric 
  • Clipboard 
  • Hot glue 



  1. Cut your paper or fabric to fit on the bottom of your clipboard. 
  2. Fold the paper over the clipboard where you will glue the excess on the back of the clipboard and glue.  
  3. Decorate your clipboard and enjoy!  




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Deanna Carter

Deanna is a graduate from Liberty University with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design. She works as the Graphic Designer for LUOA. Her favorite things to do are exploring new places and things with her husband, and using her creativity to glorify God.

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