Advice to a 2020 Graduate

BY: Carrie Henning

July 8, 2020

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With the summer almost halfway over, we want to focus on our graduates (and upcoming seniors). You’re planning, you’re dreaming, and you’re probably anxious. The big steps, the unknowns, and the growing up – it’s all happening so fast!


As someone who moved away from home and felt those pressures upon my high school graduation, I needed all the advice I could get. So this is for you. Here are the top four pieces of advice I wish someone would have told me when I was graduating and transitioning.


Soak in the last moments at home


I grew up in Tampa, FL and moved to Lynchburg, VA for college (Liberty, of course)! I was almost 12 hours from home and the familiar that I had known my entire life. I packed up my parent’s van and moved into a dorm, hugged them goodbye, and started fresh. I don’t know what your plans are, but this can be such an intimidating part of life. Soak up the last moments you have at home. Spend time with your family. Hang out with your friends. Visit your favorite hometown spots. Make those memories that you can cherish as you start your new adventure.


Another important note in this: Let your parents love on you during this season. Yes, you’re transitioning and adjusting, but so are they. They’re going to probably spend extra time talking to you before bed. They’ll probably invite you to run errands with them. They’ll hug you a little longer. Let them! They’re soaking in their last moments of normal, too.


Journal a lot

I love looking through old journals and reading how the Lord led me and what I learned through different seasons. I encourage you to journal everything you feel! Write about the anxiety, the sadness, the excitement, etc. This will allow an outlet for what you’re feeling, but will also serve as a great reminder on how God has taken care of you throughout transition seasons.


Take lots of pictures and videos

I am almost 26 years old and I still do this! Living so far from home and being on my own can be challenging. When I first moved into my dorm, I covered my area in pictures of my family and friends so I felt like they were there. Even now in my apartment, I have pictures on my fridge and in my living room! So as you’re transitioning, take lots of pictures and videos to look back on when you feel sad or homesick. This helps!



Simple, but powerful. Here are some things I would encourage you to pray over in this season:

  • Your future roommates
  • Your professors
  • Your family
  • Your studies


This is just to name a few. You can even journal these prayers!


This is your big season. Love it and embrace it – the good and bad emotions alike.

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Carrie Henning

Carrie works at LUOA as the Coordinator of Social Communications. She graduated from Liberty University with her bachelor’s in elementary education and is working on her master’s in communications. She grew up in Tampa, FL, and loves reading, writing, and drinking (overpriced) coffee.

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