How Does LUOA’s Homeschool Curriculum Work?

As a parent, you want to know how your child’s online homeschool curriculum works, what it requires of you, and how it will benefit your student. To learn what is taught in our elementary classes (K-5), please see our What Will I Learn page. Take a look at some of our classes to see how it all works – for parents and students.


Kindergarten Literacy Preview

1st Grade Literacy Preview

2nd Grade Language Arts Preview

2nd Grade Science Preview

4th Grade History Preview

5th Grade History Preview

6th – 12th Grade Math Preview

8th Grade Language Arts Preview

10th Grade English Preview

America’s Colonial Foundations Preview

Apologetics Preview

Biology Preview

Boys’ PE I Preview

Spanish I Preview




At the elementary level, you will be heavily involved as your child works through his or her courses. You’ll likely spend some time reading to your child, guiding them through their coursework, introducing them to technology, and helping them submit their work. As your student wades into the later elementary grades, you’ll find that he or she is capable of handling more on their own – lessening your hands-on involvement.


Middle School

At the middle school level, you’ll discover that your student is largely independent. You may want to check periodically to make sure that your student is meeting assignment expectations, but aside from that, your student should be mostly independent. During middle school, your level of supervision will likely diminish – but not dissolve completely.


High School

At the high school level, most students are able to navigate through their coursework on their own. The level of support you provide may seem minimal to what you provided when they were younger, but you should still check in to make sure your student is maintaining integrity in his or her work. This time also presents opportunities for you to mentor your child as he or she begins to weigh post-graduation options.



At LUOA, we strive to provide our students with a world-class educational experience that blends the social opportunities of in-person instruction with the academic opportunity of a traditional educational setting. With a dedicated team of teachers, 100% online curriculum, and a history of academic excellence, your education is in good hands at LUOA. 


LUOA’s curriculum is asynchronous – meaning there are no set login times, so you can complete your coursework at times that fit your family’s schedule. Our curriculum typically requires 1 hour per class, per day – so if you take 5 classes, you will most likely spend 5 hours per day doing schoolwork. 

*Note: The preview courses above do not include the full course content, such as assessments.


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