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Check out our latest spot. See how we’re training Champions for Christ.

Check out our latest spot. See how we’re training Champions for Christ.


As an aerospace engineer in the United States Air Force, I really appreciated the flexibility afforded me through Liberty's Online Learning Program. The virtual classroom provided a real classroom feel, and tools like the online discussion board cultivated great discussion and interaction between both students and faculty.
My wife and I are interested in working in the mission field, so the opportunity to finish a master's program in religion while maintaining a full-time job and caring for my family was a real blessing. I am thankful for the new knowledge I possess, as the degree program has been great preparation for our future mission work."
– Bruce Jolly
Masters of Arts in Religion

Since I began taking classes, I couldn't be happier with the progress. The classes are challenging and thought-provoking, while the online program provides the tools necessary to achieve success. I still feel like a part of a 'classroom' without having to worry about what I look like, what the traffic is going to be like, and who is going to take care of my family while I am studying. While it is NOT easy, this has to be the BEST decision in my educational pursuit that I have ever made."
– Angela Hamby
Bachelor of Science in Accounting

I am currently a full-time soldier, active duty; however, I have been given a chance to be a student once again with the help of Liberty University. Its private association and strong ethical principles reflect high standards that match my own and the ones that I honor most. And with the strong support that has come from the kind staff, I feel privileged and blessed to be a member of the university. I anticipate every class and feed off the knowledge passed on to me by every professor and instructor. I thank you, Liberty!"
– Jonathan Hartzell
Associate of Arts in Business

Being a student at Liberty University to me is truly a dream come true. The professors are extremely knowledgeable. In addition to that, they treat your email like it's their first priority. As an online student, I am still the same person that I was before I even started school, as I still get to spend time with my family – that's how flexible the program is. I will never forget this moment, prior to signing up with LU: I contacted several different schools and found out that the advisors who answered the phone happened to be students of Liberty University and they even advised me to stick with Liberty because it's cheaper and more flexible than the school that they were working for."
– Marcellon Dasmy
Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice

When searching for a new school to transfer to, I found Liberty University Online, Liberty's very friendly and helpful counselors made the process completely easy and painless – I was even able to transfer in ALL of my credits, which is a big plus. The classes at Liberty are so much better (than my former school). The format is so easy to use and the classes are not only challenging, but fun and enlightening as well. The professors could not be better. Even though I am not physically there, all of these things combined make me feel like a part of the family at Liberty – like a student, a person, a brother in Christ – not just some person on a computer connected to the Internet. Deciding to transfer to Liberty was one of the best decisions that I have ever made!"
– Mike Miller
Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems

Enrolling in Liberty's online courses has been an amazing thing. With my career keeping me busy 50 or more hours a week, I truly thought there was no way to go to school. After much research of online courses, I looked at Liberty, which proved to be one of the most reasonably priced schools for online learning. Liberty is an accredited school, which is very important to me. The admissions counselors worked very hard to help me in the admissions process ... The professors are great to work with, and the courses are very informative and educational. If you truly want to get an education but you have a busy schedule, Liberty Online is the school for you."
– Roger Lowery
Associate of Arts in Psychology

As a full-time minister, husband, father and employee, time management is a necessity. Liberty has granted me the opportunity to schedule and participate in an awesome spiritual educational experience. The level of learning and depth of knowledge that I have gained ... has truly been a blessing to my ministry. The accessibility of my professors and user-friendly electronic tools gives me an in-class experience in the comfort of my home. I recommend Liberty University Online ... to anyone who desires to learn about Christ and His church at a scholarly level through simple and basic teaching principles. I am proud to be a Liberty student!"
– Robert A. Vinson Jr.
Associate of Arts in Religion

I have taken classes at several universities, and Liberty University has exceeded my expectations in every way. They offer military veterans financial assistance and specialized counselors. The advisors, admissions counselors, financial aid reps and other staff have all been well-trained and are courteous and extremely helpful. I feel they care about me and my education and offer outstanding customer service. ... Fees are very reasonable, and I never once felt that Liberty valued my fees over me as a student. The format is very traditional, and the online interface is intuitive and easy to use. I totally respect the school's standards of ethical conduct and expectations. ... I love Liberty!"
– Robert Earl Terry II
Bachelor of Science in Business

When I wanted to finish my degree, I needed a quick, affordable way to do it. Liberty University Online has fulfilled all the requirements. The staff has been extremely friendly and helpful with class choices and problem resolution. I live in Okinawa, Japan, and I have found that studying online at Liberty has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. It's convenient and flexible with my schedule – important factors with a 14-hour time difference. I'm glad that I chose Liberty."
– Seth Roberts
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

I have been in law enforcement for over 31 years and have been fortunate to rise to the level of Deputy Chief of a 250+ officer department ... I have found the information supplied by Liberty University professors to be very helpful in day-to-day responsibilities. The online format has kept me busy but has not been overwhelming. The academics, combined with the spiritual aspect of the classes, have provided me the opportunity to expand as a student and a person. Thanks."
– Bobby Lugar
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Liberty University Online has been a blessing to me and my family. I had put off getting my B.S.N. because it took me so long to attain my R.N. in a traditional program. When I researched my options, I found that Liberty met all my needs. The professors are fantastic, and they seem to care about all aspects of your life, especially the nursing professors. The flexibility and ease of using the online Blackboard system made my life easier as I started on this new journey. When I was going through a hard time recently with family issues, I asked the ministry team at LU to pray for my family and they responded immediately. Thanks, LU, for all you do for our community."
– Tiffany Clark, R.N.
Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Liberty University Online allowed me to get an accredited Psychology degree at my convenience. The schedule was flexible and the online library resources were awesome. I am now receiving an extra 6 percent at work because of my Liberty degree. I grew both intellectually and spiritually because of Liberty's emphasis on education from a Christian perspective."
– Robert N. Betancourt
Bachelor of Science in Psychology

I decided to attend Liberty because of its Religion program with an emphasis on pastoral leadership. Although I have an established career, I know God has called me to leave the corporate world and enter ministry full-time. Liberty University Online ... is providing me a world-class religion education, helping me understand the Bible to new and exciting heights. Every class gives me knowledge I can immediately use in my personal life, family life, at my church and at work. I have been surprised by the accolades I have personally received at work for my ability to lead people. Obviously, God gets the credit, but the knowledge and skills I have learned through Liberty's online program are the tools He is using."
– David Rumpke
Bachelor of Science in Religion

Had I known Liberty University Online was this user friendly and stress-free, I would have started my graduate program years ago. I have been able to go to school in my own home while others I work with wrestle with having to make adjustments to their work schedules and make travel plans, etc. Going to school online is great for me because there is flexibility that allows me to choose when I study and for how long. The online tools have been wonderful, allowing me to learn and meet all the deadlines. The system is so user-friendly and easy to navigate."
– Bruce C. Wright
Master of Arts in Human Services

My experience with the staff at Liberty University Online has been nothing but exceptional and memorable. The academic advisors are motivated to genuinely help, even with minor issues like registration procedures. The professors have all been phenomenal in the way that they teach, motivate and spiritually lead through the use of the Internet, email, telephone and multimedia presentations. I am grateful to be blessed with the opportunity to learn and grow academically and spiritually through these experiences."
– Bob McCloskey
Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy

My first experience with online learning is the current Master's program I am in through Liberty. The experience was excellent! The flexibility of the course requirements, the positive interactions with other students in the course through Blackboard, the accessibility of the professor and the quality of the textbooks chosen were perfect. Apart from the classes, I was very impressed with the professional and friendly assistance by staff whenever I called for information or just advice."
– Andrew Jaggernauth
Master of Arts in Professional Counseling

I always wanted to continue my education. But living in Amarillo and loving my church was a huge reason not to pack up to the nearest seminary in Texas. I began to research different online seminaries, and Liberty University Online was very impressive. The theology was very conservative, the leadership was outstanding, the cost was affordable, and I could set my own schedule and not have to leave my town to do this. I enjoyed my professors and learned a lot about the Word of God, but also how to grow a church. LU gave me the tools I needed to grow spiritually and to grow my church. It has more than paid for itself!"
– Chris Hurt
Master of Arts in Religion

At the age of 40+ I felt the desire to change careers and become a teacher. I discovered that Liberty University had both an online program with initial certification and a program in special education. The flexibility in format, the hours that would have been spent traveling were instead spent at home with my son, while at the same time I was completing my degree. The staff have been wonderful to work with, and I sing their praises to everyone I meet. Thank the Lord for Liberty University!"
– Karen Deaner
Master of Education

I'm thankful for the excellent education I received through Liberty's online M.B.A. program. It has allowed me to further succeed within my corporation and has given me the tools to solve issues that no one else in the whole company could. I have grown by 15 percent in my income level also!"
– Brett Larson
Master of Business Administration

The excellent program of doctoral studies at Liberty allowed me to complete my terminal degree while maintaining my professional employment. I was able to tailor my program to enhance my clinical skill and enrich my spiritual focus. The faculty at Liberty was outstanding, and the staff and administration were responsive, creative and helpful. I especially enjoyed my times in residence; Liberty should be experienced by everyone!"
– Philip A. Watkins
Doctor of Ministry

I am impressed with Liberty University Online! The convenience of the online experience is great, and the assistance from everyone on the staff as well as the professors is superb! I am so blessed and happy that I chose to complete my Bachelor's degree with Liberty University! I just don't think there is another university in America that cares more for its students! Go, Flames!"
– Larry Lauderdale
Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies

Thanks to Liberty University Online, I can complete my accredited degree in the comfort of my home, and yet interact with other students as though I were in a classroom environment. ... I can always contact a professor, either by phone or email ... and I appreciate the prayer from fellow class members and the campus prayer ministry. Overall, my experience with Liberty has been marvelous, and I am thankful for the way it has enhanced my knowledge of the Bible and ministry, while enriching my relationship with the Lord."
– Mattie Thomas
Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling

Liberty's Online Learning Program gave me the opportunity to continue my education while working full-time in the United States Army. I received so much support from the staff and faculty at Liberty, and I can never thank them enough for seeing me through right to the end. I appreciated the flexibility of the multidisciplinary degree program, as it allowed me to combine multiple concentrations into one degree program. With my degree, and concentration in business, I plan to run my own health care consulting firm. I currently recruit doctors and nurses for the army, and I am excited to be able to tie together the business elements I learned through my degree with my current work experience once I retire from the military."
– Arthur Sweeney
Bachelor of Science in Multidisciplinary Studies

Last summer I made the decision to switch jobs and join a growing manufacturing company in their accounts job department. I accepted a lower-level position, but was asked to show what I had learned through my MBA studies. After only three months, I was given a very positive review and a handsome pay increase. A short time later, I was delighted to be promoted to a management position. My personal income has doubled, with the potential for several further increases in the next couple of years. I am using the principles I learned through the MBA program, and I am very appreciative to the faculty of Liberty for investing their time and skills into such a great Online Learning Program."
– Avril Watt
Masters of Business Administration

As a coordinator and teacher at Bible Ministries for Children in New Jersey, I have a desire to increase my knowledge of the Bible to help me better serve in my area of ministry. Liberty's Online Learning Program has allowed me to work on my religion degree without having to leave my home or my job. Staying on top of my assignments and projects has been simple through Blackboard ©, Liberty's virtual classroom. There is constant sharing back and forth of information on the discussion boards, making it a wonderful learning resource. I am also impressed by the service provided to me by my academic advisor. I appreciate how he always takes his time on the phone with me, never making me feel rushed or unimportant."
– Rebecca Christ
Bachelor of Science in Religion

Liberty's Online Learning Program has allowed me to further my education without interfering with my first priorities of being a husband, father, and principal. Through the flexibility of the online format, I have the same chance to pursue a degree as on-campus students, without compromising the quality of education that I receive. I am impressed by the level of knowledge and professional experience from which my professors teach, and appreciate the ease by which I am able to communicate with them through email and the phone. Having my doctorate degree will not only equip me to better meet the challenges of my current occupation, but will serve to open more doors for me in my chosen career in the future."
– Martin Ringstaff
Doctor of Education

As a full-time nurse, wife, and mother of three children, the flexibility of Liberty's blended nursing program allows me to successfully manage my home, work, and school schedules. I'm not very computer-savvy, but I found the online format to be user-friendly and easy to manage. It gives me the freedom to complete assignments on my own time, once the kids are in bed. I have found the faculty to be supportive and nurturing of their students, as well as being exceptionally skilled and qualified in their field. Having this degree will not only give me the ability to perform my job better, but can also mean an increase in pay and will further enhance my career."
– Tiffany Kid
Master of Science in Nursing

Liberty University is the most economically, cost efficient, regionally accredited University that offers the most superb quality Christian Education available in the United States. Even though the cost of living is constantly increasing, Liberty University tuition is remaining stable. Enroll today, you won't regret it!!!"
– Kevin Gratton
AA in General Studies

Check out our latest spot. See how we’re training Champions for Christ.

Privacy Policy

This is a summary of Liberty University's Privacy Policy. You may view the full privacy policy here.

Policy Statement

Liberty University monitors and collects various types of information from our website visitors for legal and policy compliance, for the maintenance and security of the network, and so we can adjust our websites to meet our users' needs and expectations. Some of this information is collected automatically and other information is provided by site users. The university reserves the right to restrict the use of its information technology resources and to remove or limit access to information technology resources.

Information Collected Automatically

The University collects limited, non-personal identifying information your browser makes available when visiting websites. We may aggregate this non-identifying information for reporting purposes to assess the effectiveness of our websites without disclosing specific information that would link to any individual. This includes:

  • Your Internet Protocol address
  • The Browser type (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.)
  • Your computer’s operating system (Windows, Macintosh, etc.)
  • Your Internet domain (AOL, EarthLink, etc.)
  • Your mobile device (iPhone, Tablet, etc.)
  • URLs of the websites you come to our websites from
  • Cookie information described below
  • The pages on our website that you visit including date and time of access
  • Geographic vicinity and other demographic and interests information

Use of Cookies

In some instances, our websites use cookies that uniquely identify your browser so that we may provide content most relevant to your needs. A cookie allows the University website to customize what you see in relation to the way you entered the website and content that you recently viewed (i.e., if you logged into your student account, the website may be personalized for student viewing in subsequent visits).

Information You Provide to Us

You provide information to Liberty when you fill out online forms and browse our websites or use a login-required service. Depending on the type of the service, we use your information in different ways as outlined below.

Inquiry and Application Forms

  • Information that you choose to complete, which may include your name, e-mail address, phone number, and content of the e-mail, are used in order to provide information about the University.
  • If you do not wish to provide your contact information online, you may call the University and request that information be sent through the mail.

Purchasing Merchandise or Donating to the University

  • Information that you choose to complete, which may include your name, e-mail address, phone number, mailing and/or billing address, credit or debit card information are used to send merchandise to you, and to contact you if necessary.
  • Your financial information is used for billing.
  • Any information about a third party you are including as a beneficiary.
  • If you do not wish to provide your contact or financial information online, you may call the University to place an order or donate.

Login Sites and Services

  • Various websites and web services of Liberty University require users to log in to gain access to information and tools reserved for students, faculty and staff.

Web Engagement Data

  • Your engagement data (i.e. analytic info, referral data, form data, etc.) may be used to personalize our communications with you.

Information you provide may be used by the University for marketing purposes. If at any point you wish to discontinue receiving marketing e-mails or phone calls, you may use the opt out feature on our e-mails or call the University at (800) 543-5317 or (800) 424-9595. Liberty University never blends their collection data with Google. See the below section on Google Data (below) for information on Google’s Privacy and Terms or to opt out of their automatic data collection.

Specific Concerns

Liberty University websites have standard security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of the information under our control. For example, we utilize industry standard SSL encryption when accepting your credit card information during the online ordering process, as well as whenever we ask you to log in to any of the University's online student and faculty services.

Liberty University does not sell, rent, or share your personal information to any outside organizations. Liberty will abide by all applicable laws governing the release of personal information.

Collective information about site users – but never individuals’ personal information – is used in marketing, advertising and other relationships with third parties.

Liberty University does not merge any personal information that you provide with any non-personal information provided by your browser. The university does not collect client or user identifiers that Google assigns in order to calculate unique and repeat visitors. Conversely, Liberty University does not upload any personal data or identifiers it assigns that might likewise allow Google to personally identify any individual.

How Liberty University Uses Your Information

Liberty University uses information collected automatically to better understand the needs of website visitors so that we may improve our websites and services.

Information you provide may be used by the university for marketing purposes.

Google data

Google gathers information about users of its technologies to improve the online experience and help website owners understand how visitors engage with their sites. Liberty University uses many such product offerings including Google Analytics Demographic and Interest Reporting, Display Network Impression Reporting, Remarketing and Advertiser Features, DoubleClick Platform integrations, and Reporting APIs. To better support some features the university implemented Google’s Universal Analytics and enabled UserID, an identifier Google assigns to determine unique users across devices.

However UserID cannot be queried in the Reporting API and the university itself does not otherwise capture, use, or merge Google’s unique identifiers nor does it upload or otherwise share with Google or third party vendors any personal identifiers or information that you provide as is outlined in this document.

Liberty University encourages its website visitors to learn more about how Google uses data and how you can control the information sent through your browser by viewing Google’s Privacy & Terms page. Users who wish to learn more about opting out of the automatic collection and use of data on the web should visit Google’s Consumer Ads Help Center or Opt Out here.

We may release personal information when necessary to comply with the law, respond to judicial process, or provide information to law enforcement or regulatory agencies; enforce our conditions of use and other agreements; or protect the rights, property, or safety of Liberty University, our faculty, staff, users, or others. This includes exchanging information with other companies and organizations for fraud protection and credit risk reduction.

K-12 school sites

Liberty University Online Academy

The Liberty University Online Academy ( offers programs for students in grades K- 12. It collects personal identifying information through its inquiry and application forms. Although the forms ask for the personal information of the parent or guardian, not the child, Liberty University Online Academy realizes that children may occasionally fill out and submit these forms. Liberty University upholds the confidentiality of any and all information obtained from parents in the course of gaining parental consent or providing for parental access.

Parents may ask to have the child’s personal identifying information deleted by using the contact information below.

Website operator:
Liberty University Online Academy
1971 University Boulevard
Lynchburg, VA 24515
(866) 418-8741

Personal information collected on the Liberty University Online Academy website is not shared with third parties.

Liberty Christian Academy

Liberty Christian Academy ( is an affiliated traditional private grade school whose website resides on Liberty University’s domain. Liberty Christian Academy does not collect personal identifying information online but only provides printable forms to submit offline.

Liberty University limits the collection or use of non-personal information your browser makes available when visiting the websites of our affiliated K-12 grade schools by restricting reporting features that can be applied to these sites. Guardians are encouraged to visit Google’s online Safety Center to learn more about further provisions they can employ to restrict the collection of data on minors.

How to Update Your Information

Our student and faculty services sites, including ASIST, provide you with the option of changing and modifying information you have previously provided to us.

Changes to This Policy

Liberty’s Privacy Policy attempts to maintain, but cannot guarantee, continued access to Google’s opt out feature and policy documentation. Access is available through Google’s site and users are encouraged to remain familiar with Google’s documentation of what opting out does and does not do.

The university reserves the right to append or otherwise modify its Privacy Policy at any time. We expect any such changes to be minor, and notification of all changes will be made on this page. Each version of the Privacy Policy will be dated at the bottom of the page.

Updated July, 2015

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