Worship Team

Worship Team

Worship Team

The worship team consists of seven members with hearts devoted to honoring God. Our desire is to worship God as a lifestyle and not just from the stage. We seek to lead students in a creative expression of worship through music. We do not desire to entertain but to play music that will affect lives. We pray to be a vessel that the Lord uses to speak to students.

Luke Beavers

Worship Team Leader - Guitar & Vocals

Luke Beavers


YQ E-mail: blbeavers@liberty.edu
Hometown: Eden, North Carolina
Year: Senior
Major: Music and Worship: Biblical Studies Specialization
Why YQ? YouthQuest is a unique opportunity to team up with a group of genuine, passionate disciples of Jesus who share a common desire to lift up Jesus with their lives. I, like the rest of team, want to share the Gospel with and minister to students that they may know, love and glorify Him.


Richard Gatton


Caleb Blair


YQ E-mail: rgatton@liberty.edu
Hometown: Warner Robins, Ga.
Year: Junior
Major: Worship Studies
Why YQ? I joined YouthQuest because I think it is a special and unique opportunity for our team to reach out to students by partnering with churches. I'm passionate about teaching students God's truths through worship and I believe YouthQuest provides students with the opportunity to experience worship and Bible study in an un-familiar way. In return, students are further equipped to go forward in their youth groups and churches, growing and impacting their schools and friend circles. Our team has the ability to be a part of teaching young people that could grow up to be leaders in their churches and communities. I'm glad to be a part of a ministry that believes in today's students and dedicates their work for God's glory.

Lacy Payton

Acoustic Guitar & Vocals

Lacy Payton


YQ E-mail: ldpayton@liberty.edu
Hometown: China Grove, North Carolina
Year: Senior
Major: Worship Studies: World Cultures
Why YQ? I desire to serve the Lord with the talents He's given me in any way that I can. Youthquest has given me an amazing opportunity to share God's love with students from all walks of life. YQ has also given me a chance to grow in my faith alongside others who also desire to see His name lifted high!

Matthew Baker

Electric Guitar

Kinshiro Shimochi


YQ E-mail: mpbaker@liberty.edu
Hometown: Dade City, Florida
Year: Sophomore
Major: Electrical Engineering
Why YQ? YouthQuest is the perfect opportunity to show students how much they are loved by their Savior! I want to use every gift God has given me to show them that Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life!

Aaron Chase


Aaron Chase


YQ E-mail: achase17@liberty.edu
Hometown: Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
Year: Junior
Major: Worship Studies
Why YQ? When I found out about YouthQuest's Mission and purpose my freshman year I was amazed by the ministry. I tried out and chose YouthQuest because I wanted to worship God through music and serve His church with fellow students. It is truly a blessing and humbling gift that God has given to me and my teammates!

Chris Gregory

Bass Guitar

Lance Fletcher


YQ E-mail: chgregory@liberty.edu
Hometown: Boiling Springs, South Carolina
Year: Senior
Major: Worship Studies
Why YQ? I had always admired the ministry of YouthQuest as a peer. The way the team incorporates Improv, worship, and teaching as an effective tool to reach students for Christ appealed to me as well. It also looked like YQ has a lot of fun while doing it, so why wouldn't I be interested? So when the opportunity came up to be apart of the team, I jumped on board!

Andrew White

Sound Technician

Brandon Schroeder


YQ E-mail: awhite38@liberty.edu
Hometown: Gainesville, Virginia
Year: Junior
Major: Graphic Design
Why YQ? I love to share the Gospel and I love to make music sound amazing for worship. I want to be used by God to break down barriers to Christ through worship. I also like to show young people that there is hope in Christ's love.