Current Students

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Prospective/Transfer Students

  • When: Friday of the September, November and February College for a Weekends (CFAW)
    Due to Financial Check-In deadlines, we cannot hold auditions during the March/April CFAW
  • Where: First Floor / Hancock Welcome Center
  • Sign Up: Sign-up sheets will be available the Thursday afternoon of CFAW from 2:00 - 11:00 PM. If you cannot attend CFAW, you may audition through video.

    You cannot sign up for an audition over the phone.


Audition Guidelines

Vocal Auditions: Prepare 1 a cappella song that highlights your vocal strength. You may or may not be able to sing your song in its entirety. You may also be asked to sing scales and harmonies.

Instrumental Auditions: Instrumentalists do not need to prepare a particular song. The department provides a keyboard, drums, bass guitar, acoustic and electric guitars.

Technical Auditions: Sound Technicians will need to bring a resume of technical experience.  Be prepared to interview and demonstrate your technical skills.

All auditions: Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your audition to complete check-in.


Common Questions

  • What should I expect in my audition?

    Vocalists should expect to perform a portion of an a cappella song in front of an evaluator. In some instances, vocalists may be asked to sing harmonies and display their vocal range. Vocalists will be evaluated on pitch, tone, technique, interpretation and overall presentation.

    Instrumentalists should expect to perform with a house band in front of an evaluator. Instrumentalists will be evaluated on chart reading, rhythm, transposition, chord knowledge, stylistic diversity and overall presentation.

  • What scholarships are available?

    Scholarships range from $1,000 a year to full tuition/room and board, based on the commitments required of each team.

  • What are the team expectations throughout the year?

    Each team, with the exception of Campus Praise Band, will be expected to travel on weekends throughout the school year and perform as many as 4 traveling tours during academic breaks. In addition to this, each team will periodically lead worship in front of the entire student body. Campus Praise Band will lead worship in convocation, campus church services and special events.

  • What teams am I auditioning for?

    You can indicate an interest but you do not get to choose which team you would like to audition for. The audition encompasses all 7 ministry teams listed above, excluding S.O.A.R. Dunk and drama/improv positions for YouthQuest. The director will determine the placement of ministry team members.

  • When and how will I find out if I have made a team?

    Within two weeks after the initial audition, you will receive an email letting you know whether or not you are being considered for a team. If you are being considered, we may request that you email more information to be reviewed. Final decisions are made on/around April 1.

  • How many positions are available for this year?

    Currently, we do not know what or how many positions will be available for the 2015-2016 school year.

  • Do ministry team members have to re-audition from year to year?

    Provided that an exceptional academic, behavioral and team performance is upheld, current members do not have to re-audition from year to year.

  • Can I audition more than once during the school year?

    We ask that each person audition only once per school year. Students will be permitted to re-audition the following school year.

  • Can I audition for two or more positions?

    Yes. If you plan to audition for more than one instrument, please sign up for two consecutive instrumental time slots. If you would like to audition for both vocal and instrumental positions, please sign up for a vocal audition and instrumental audition. These auditions should be spaced at least 30 minutes apart.

  • Do I have to be a Music or Worship Major to be on a ministry team?

    No. Ministry Teams are classified as extracurricular and are not associated with academic departments such as Music and Humanities and the Center for Worship. Because of this, students are not required to major in music or worship in order to be on a ministry team.