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Deployment – Initial Entry Training (IET)

Liberty University thanks you for your service and commitment to our country.  As you begin your training, we would like to share with you some helpful tips that will assist in making your initial training less stressful for you, your parents, or others who will be helping to take care of your personal, financial and educational matters.

Complete the following before leaving for training:

Complete FERPA Release form

  • Using Liberty University’s FERPA PIN system, a student may grant permission to release some or all private information to persons that he or she designates. The FERPA PIN can be accessed through the student’s ASIST account. Go to the General Information tab on ASIST, and then select the FERPA Personal Identification Number menu option to set up the FERPA PIN and select your preferences. A designated point of contact must have the FERPA PIN and their name on the student’s account to access their information. FERPA can be used for an individual to discuss your student account but a Power of Attorney is required to allow someone else to add/drop courses and sign any documents in your place.

Grant Power of Attorney (POA)

  • A POA is needed so someone else may act on your behalf when you are away on military orders with limited or no internet and phone access.
  • There are different POA’s:
    • A Special Power of Attorney is used for specific acts that you want done.  Special POA’s can be good for a short period of time but not longer than a year.
    • A General POA allows the person to act as if they were you.  They can do everything that you can do. It is important that you give a General POA to someone you completely trust.
  • It is very hard to revoke a POA once you have given a person the power.  Provide the original POA to the person you are designating, and keep a copy for your records.
  • See your local military Legal Assistance Office or Judge Advocate General (JAG), for preparation and execution of a POA.

Make copies of all applicable Education & Military documents and give them to a person you trust (i.e. the person you gave POA/FERPA)

  • Leave & Earnings Statement (LES)
    • You may or may not have received a LES since you just joined the military. If you are Reserve or National Guard, and have attended Drill and have been paid, you would have received an LES.
    • DFAS only retains LES records for 1 year. LES documents from prior years may be required for Financial Aid Verification.
  • W-2
    • Keep at least 5 years of W-2s in case you are audited by the IRS or if these records are needed for Financial Aid Verification.
  • Military Orders
    • Keep a copy of your current orders and provide a copy to a person you trust (i.e. the person you gave POA/FERPA).