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Juanita Brooks

Dept: Finance & Administration
Title: Senior Accounts Payable Processor

Juanita Brooks has been part of the Accounts Payable team for 13 years. She diligently maintains a number of AP functions, from issuing transcript checks and student refunds to managing incoming emails to the AP inbox. She continually works behind the scenes to keep Liberty’s bills paid and things running smoothly. Juanita is a wonderful encouragement to her co-workers in AP, and her joyful attitude reflects her love for the Lord to people both inside and outside of Liberty. Thank you so much, Juanita! You are appreciated.

Angie Brown

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: Budget Assistant Manager

Angela Brown, better known as Angie to everyone, has worked with Liberty University for 7 1/2 years. Starting in Procurement as a buyer and then with Budget, Angie has found her home in Facilities Management. Her days are spent creating requisition for projects, P-card purchases, account transfers, or giving plain ole’ advice. Angie brightens up the room when she walks in. She is married with two grown boys, who she is very proud of. She is a true servant of God and an absolute joy. Angie has never met a stranger, and it’s nothing to see her sitting at lunch just listening to someone talk. Angie says, “I thank God every day for bringing me to Facilities Management!” and Facilities feels the same way!

Bryce Enold

Dept: LU Police Department
Title: Police Officer

Bryce Enold has been with the Liberty University Police Department (LUPD) since 2008 when he answered the call to serve and protect Liberty. Bryce has shown impeccable initiative, organization, and leadership abilities. He has taken on other duties, such as range master, field training officer, and dignitary protection, as well as leading department-wide and civilian training classes. Bryce does this in a continued effort to grow and improve LUPD. As one of the most diligent and dedicated employees, he continues to raise the standards of excellence within the department. Bryce’s driven and determined work ethic, his unwavering positivity, and his encouraging Christ-like attitude have impacted many people in the Liberty community.

Courtney Huffman

Dept: Flames
Title: Associate Director for Academic Affairs

Courtney Huffman has worked as the assistant director of Academic Affairs for athletics since 2011. Huffman began working in the department as a tutor as an undergraduate student at Liberty in 2006. She rose to the position of administrative assistant in 2009, before being promoted to a full-time position as an academic coordinator in May 2010. Huffman currently helps monitor the academic progress of Liberty's football and men's basketball programs. She is certified by the National Association of Academic Advisors for Athletics. She is also a certified professional through N4A and has been a co-presenter at N4A national conventions.

MJ Jackson

Dept: Information Services
Title: Senior Executive Assistant to the CIO

MJ Jackson supports Information Services with a servant’s heart and a loving spirit. She diligently completes the tasks given to her and is always ready to help no matter the situation. MJ recently handled planning a last minute trip that required her to coordinate flights, transportation, and lodging for a large number of people within our department. Not only did she organize the trip but also went the extra mile to put together travel packets for each person, all while handling her normal day-to-day tasks with a smile. We appreciate MJ, her love for the Lord, and her heart for serving others that is evident in everything she does. We are thankful to have her in our department.

Derek Lee

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: Maintenance Technician

Derek Lee has worked with Liberty for the last 6 years. He and his wife, Tonda, have been married 25 years. They have two beautiful children, Andrew and Caroline. Derek likes to scuba dive and work with his daughter’s barrel horses. He enjoys riding, as well, and is a motorcycle enthusiast. We appreciate all Derek does for Liberty. He is a large asset to the facilities maintenance team. Liberty is a better place with him here. Congratulations, Derek!

Ricky Mayberry

Dept: Environmental Health & Safety
Title: Senior Safety Technician

Ricky Mayberry has been with Liberty for over 13 years and has spent the last 4 ½ years as a senior safety technician for the Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) department. Ricky oversees three technicians, who are responsible for the monthly inspection of more than 2,500 fire extinguishers and over 125 AED’s on and off campus. Additionally, he oversees the live fire extinguisher training, including annual training of the RD’s and RA’s. Ricky conducts kitchen safety inspections, supports chemical spill cleanup, and responds to any emergency that arises day or night. His experience and hard work enhances the lives and safety of our Liberty family. He leads by example and never looks for recognition. Congratulations!

Joshua McArdle

Dept: Analytics & Decision Support
Title: Business Data Analyst III

Josh McArdle has been a trusted member of the ADS team for many years supporting the Enrollment division. His wealth of knowledge regarding Resident Admissions’ business objectives and processes has been integral to the overall success of the business unit. Among Josh’s many great qualities are his unwavering work ethic, commitment to Liberty, and willingness to do the necessary “dirty work” to ensure the daily operational processes in Admissions run smoothly and the database is clean and efficient. In addition, Josh’s training of other analysts has borne fruit many times over throughout the years, with many quality analysts rising up through the ranks due in large part to his tutelage. Thank you, Josh, for your great work and effort!

Rebekah Scoville

Dept: ID & Campus Services
Title: Card Services Team Lead

Rebekah Scoville, affectionately known as Bekah, has been a treasured member of the ID & Campus Services team since 2016. Bekah has demonstrated excellence, proficiency, and dedication in each position she has served. She currently excels as the team lead. Her organizational acumen and servant leadership qualities continue to help improve services, and her Christ-like demeanor is always evident in her interactions with customers and the staff she leads. Bekah is an extremely valued member of our team and a blessing to our department and Liberty University. Congratulations, and thank you!

Randall Spradlin

Dept: Access Control
Title: Lead Doors and Hardware Technician

Randall Spradlin started working in Access Control in January 2012 and is now our lead doors and hardware technician. Randall does a lot of our door, frame, and hardware installations for projects and renovations, as well as repairing any door hardware throughout Liberty’s campus. Randall is very knowledgeable, thorough, trustworthy, and a team player. He can always be counted on to complete a job fully and correctly. Randall has a great ability to troubleshoot door hardware to find and fix the problem. Randall and his wife are the parents of 2 healthy boys. Congratulations, Randall, and thank you for a job well done!

Bobby Straub

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: Custodial

Bobby Straub has been faithfully serving Liberty University in the Custodial department for over a decade. While the division has had many names, the one name that has consistently referred to quality is Bobby. Bobby has been asked to do just about everything, and each time he has been able to do them with increasing skill. The Custodial department has come to rely on him for his vast experience and procedural knowledge. When not at work, Bobby enjoys being physically active. Whether he is hiking at the Peaks of Otter or running laps around campus, Bobby's zeal for work and life is apparent to everyone around him. Thank you for your dedication, Bobby. The Custodial department would truly be a different place without you.

Abigail Tippett

Dept: Campus Recreation
Title: Administrative Planner

Abigail Tippett serves the entire division of Campus Recreation as the administrative planner. Her warm and helpful personality make her a great presence in the office. She works hard and is always willing to help out anyone who needs her. All of her co-workers are thankful for her and enjoy being around her day in and day out. She very much deserves the honor of being an employee of the month. Congratulations, Abigail!

Darren Turlington

Dept: Student Financial Services
Title: Compliance Analyst II

Darren Turlington is an integral part of the Executive Liaison Team, particularly in the role of quality assurance. He is a trusted resource for accurate information regarding team procedures and other areas of the department and university. He consistently strives to improve both himself and the team’s processes, and he can be relied upon by both management and his teammates. Congratulations, Darren! We are so thankful for you!

Justin Van Den Bos

Dept: Registrar
Title: Degree Completion Plan Specialist

Justin Van Den Bos has served with the Registrar’s Office for three and a half years as a degree completion program specialist. He goes above and beyond in his office responsibilities to ensure the correct information is given to the departments regarding their degrees. Justin is a dedicated, dependable, and invaluable member of the Registrar’s Office. We are very thankful that he is a part of our Academic Policy team. Congratulations, Justin! We appreciate you!

Milka Welch

Dept: LUO
Title: Admissions Counselor

Milka Welch is passionate about Liberty University and, as an admissions counselor, desires to show others the benefits of attending Liberty. Milka’s excellent work ethic and compassion toward the students helps the university continue to grow through her positive interactions. She is focused on any task she is assigned to complete and is an encouragement to those around her. Milka always has a joyful attitude, even when she is faced with difficult situations, and she can be counted on to make sure our students are set up for success to further their education at Liberty. Thank you, Milka, for your dedication to assisting others and being a blessing to Liberty University. Congratulations!

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