LUCOM Welcomes Health Policy Advocate

Asa Keimig | LUCOM Marketing | Nov 20, 2018

Liberty University College of Osteopathic MedicineLUCOM-Student National Medical Association (SNMA) and LUCOM-Student Osteopathic Medical Association (SOMA) hosted B. Cameron Webb, MD, JD, on Thursday, Nov. 15, to discuss the Affordable Care Act, at the Center for Medical and Health Sciences.

LUCOM-SNMA leadership reached out to Dr. Webb after hearing him speak at Student National Medical Association (SNMA) national conference last year in San Francisco. “I thought the student body, faculty and staff could all benefit from hearing about the Affordable Care Act, which impacts every one of us, and to hear it from a physician lawyer who actually spent time in the White House working under both the Obama and Trump administrations,” Victoria Johnson, Class of 2021.

In attendance for Dr. Webb’s seminar were LUCOM faculty and student-doctors, LU School of Nursing students, LU School of Law students, LU Master of Public Health students and LU undergraduate students.

“It is important for us to hear a non-biased presentation from a very knowledgeable physician with a lot of experience in this particular field, “said Johnson. “I hope those in attendance now have a better understanding of the ACA and its significant impact and relevance to us as student doctors, lawyers, and nursing students, so we can best care for our future patients.”

Dr. Webb's presentation broke down the ACA in an informative and engaging way, informing those in attendance of current happenings in health policy. He spoke on the ACA’s evolution, the intent of it and the modifications that are currently in place with the Trump Administration.

Dr. Webb has worked in the White House under both President Obama and President Trump and he is passionate about advocating for health equity and the health needs of underserved and marginalized communities.