LUCOM student-doctors take a study break, visit with “Neighbors”

Asa Keimig | LUCOM Marketing | Feb 9, 2018

LUCOM COMPASS Service ProjectA unique component to the academics at LUCOM, is the co-curricular program called “COMPASS.” This faculty-led program is designed to help student-doctors develop their personal-professional identities through the utilization of Biblical principles and values. All first-and-second year students are required to participate in COMPASS, with usually 8-to-10 students per group and one-to-two faculty facilitators.

On Feb. 3, one COMPASS group decided to take a break from the academics and their weekly group meeting to volunteer downtown for a service project. Joining Park View Community Mission for the day, Yingguang Liu, PhD, associate professor of Microbiology, and his COMPASS group, worked alongside Food for Families to provide groceries to families that lack guaranteed provisions on a monthly basis.

The students helped guide the “neighbors” (a term used by the Mission for those who come to be served) through the shopping area which is designed like a grocery store. “I really enjoyed connecting with the neighbors and praying with them,” said David Deuth, Class of 2021. “Regardless of a person’s occupation, having a heart of generosity provides a foundation for healthy living and platform for maximum impact.”

Due to the large number of volunteers, some student-doctors were also able to sit and chat with the neighbors while they waited for their numbers to be called. “In the parable of the Good Samaritan, Jesus demonstrates how a good neighbor stops to help those in need and commanded us to be humble and generous like the Samaritan. When we make sacrifices, small or large for those around us, we truly become a ‘neighbor’ to them,” Deuth said.

“Our group enjoyed this opportunity,” said Dr. Liu. “Everyone was very encouraged to see LUCOM participate.” For Dr. Liu and his COMPASS group, they believe that generosity is a muscle that needs exercise regularly in order to build the necessary strength to fulfill God's purposes on earth.

A key component to LUCOM’s mission is service toward your fellow man. COMPASS service projects are just another part of students stepping out and spending time with the community.