LUCOM honors students in second induction ceremony for Sigma Sigma Phi

Asa Keimig | LUCOM Marketing | Sep 1, 2017

Alpha-Omega ChapterLiberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine (LUCOM) held its annual Sigma Sigma Phi Induction Ceremony last month honoring the top student-doctors from the Class of 2020.

Sigma Sigma Phi is the original and oldest Osteopathic Honorary and Service Fraternity in the United States. This year, LUCOM honored 37 students into its Alpha-Omega Chapter. To be inducted into the society, a student must be in the top twenty-five percent of their class. The LUCOM chapter adds onto that requirement with an element of service to the school, community, and to the osteopathic profession. “The students who have been admitted to the fraternity have identified themselves and are further being trained to be the next generation of Osteopathic leaders,” said Ray L. Morrison, DO, FACOS, assistant dean of Clinical Education. “This opportunity actively supports the mission and vision of LUCOM in its demonstration of service to their fellow man, the advancement of medical knowledge, and instilling the Christian values of integrity and professionalism.”

Alpha-Omega ChapterLUCOM faculty members identify these new members as those who are pursuing an active role in the development of excellence in service in participation of LUCOM sanctioned activities and the pursuit of esprit de corps for the college. “As medical students, we are often told that our time is our most valuable resource and that we must protect it fiercely,” said Olivia Hopper, Class of 2020. “Excelling academically in medical school as a standalone action is very challenging but to make the conscious choice to give of your limited time to also invest in the community we are in by serving and engaging in progressing the osteopathic profession is something to be commended.”

2017 Sigma Sigma Phi Alpha-Omega Chapter inductees:

Joshua Albert
Jillian Allen
Caleb Boehler
Lauren Bojarski
Jacob Convissar
Cameron Crane
Sarah Elrod
Christine Fricke
Calli Fry
Monica Gaines
Mark Gartner
Leah Geiser
Andrew Graef
Molly Haas
Alex Johnson
Jessica Joshua
Lauren Karnowski
Kurtis Lawton
Joy Lee
Clarke Lewis
Jonathan Melo
Stephanie Hibbard
Deanna Pickett
Joseph Royer
Lauren Russo
Keith Shamrock
Kelsie Smith
Logan Stern
Samuel Strobel
Rachael Trupp
Shivani Vasudeva
Abigail Wheeler
Vaughn Williams
Lauren Wilson