LUCOM announced winner of 2017 COMpete Challenge; AOIA-OPAC yearly competition

Christopher Breedlove, Director of Marketing | May 25, 2017

LUCOM founding dean, Ronnie B. Martin, DO, pictured with student-doctorsLiberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine (LUCOM) was recently announced as the winner for the 2017 COMpete Challenge sponsored by the American Osteopathic Information Association (AOIA) - Osteopathic Political Action Committee (OPAC).

A plaque with the description “Congratulations to the 2017 COMpete Challenge Winner. Your schools hard work, advocacy, and dedication to the profession is enshrined with this award,” was given to LUCOM student-doctors present at the annual OPAC reception inside the United States Capitol (Capitol Building) following DO Day on the Hill last month.

“Winning the award shows that even though we’re a new college, we are very active politically and have a deep care for the future of our profession,” said Shaun Ostrofe, student-doctor (2019). “LUCOM students are prepared to be leaders in the osteopathic community.”

This year LUCOM had the most dollar value raised ($950) to contribute to the annual OPAC fundraiser challenge with the highest student involvement (20). The competition is designed to gain osteopathic medical student involvement and raise money for the profession’s political efforts. Over 30 osteopathic schools were invited to participate.  

Commenting on LUCOM’s involvement with the challenge, Sean Neal, director of OPAC, said, “LUCOM’s contribution enables OPAC to support pro-physician candidates directly, expand its political programs, and continue to be a political leader in the physician community. It was a close competition, with several COM’s battling for first.”

OPAC dedicates itself to the protection, preservation and advancement of the osteopathic profession in the interests of the public health as well as the encouragement of scientific research. OPAC encourages member growth and represents the profession on the federal level, engaging osteopathic physicians to elect and re-elect pro-physician candidates to Congress; this is done by direct financial contributions, voter education, and targeted political activism.

LUCOM Dean, Peter A. Bell, DO, pictured with Class of 2019 student-doctors; Shaun P. Ostrofe and Janae M. Fry.“I am very excited that LUCOM won this award. It shows that we are politically active and willing to accept leadership positions in our profession,” added Janae Fry, student-doctor (2019). “It also demonstrates the strong foundation that the faculty and staff at LUCOM have built and how they are guiding us to be the best physicians that we can be.”

Challenging LUCOM moving forward Ostrofe said, “We [LUCOM] need to encourage greater participation [every year] for DO Day on the Hill as well as the OPAC reception. Given our proximity to DC, LUCOM should have the highest participation and win this award every year. There is no excuse.”