LUCOM welcomes interested students at spring Open House

Asa Keimig | LUCOM Marketing and PR Coordinator | Mar 27, 2017

Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine (LUCOM) hosted its annual spring Open House on Saturday, March 25, at the Center for Medical and Health Sciences. LUCOM welcomed over 100 guests from all over the country who displayed interest in attending LUCOM while others showed interest in attending Liberty University (LU) and then LUCOM. LUCOM student-doctors as well as faculty members shared stories and genuinely showed the desire to promote the unique environment of LUCOM to Saturday’s guests.

According to Gary L. Patton, PhD, assistant dean for Admissions and Student Services, one of the primary benefits of the Open House for both LUCOM and future applicants is that it allows everyone to get to know each other one to four years before the application process begins. “Our hope is to eventually have a substantial number of applicants to be people that we know and have advised prior to receiving their application,” said Dr. Patton. “While we receive initial applications from people all over the country, we are also especially interested in guiding people through the admissions process even before they submit applications.” The LUCOM-Office of Admissions believes this will result in increased student-doctor satisfaction and success at LUCOM, along with enriching the culture and environment of the medical college.

David F. Klink, DO, lead presentation on the mission of LUCOM. Presentations were on the mission and vision of LUCOM, clinical rotations, research, the admissions process, and Osteopathic medicine. Speakers included Joseph W. Brewer, PhD, associate dean for Research; David F. Klink, DO, associate professor of Ophthalmology; Timothy O. Leonard, MD, PhD, senior associate dean for Medical Education; Gary L. Patton, PhD, assistant dean for Admissions and Student Services; and Michael B. Weigner, MD, FACEP, assistant dean of Clinical Education. Following the presentations, guests toured the Center for Medical and Health Sciences (CMHS), attended a student-doctor Q&A panel, and watched demonstrations of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM).

The LUCOM-Office of Admissions received questions related to admissions requirements, housing in Lynchburg, how students are prepared for residency and board exams, the admissions process (how it works and what are the steps involved), and general issues about Virginia and LU. “I have already received emails from participants in this Open House who expressed intent to follow-up with us and to eventually apply for admission,” said Dr. Patton. “We will now establish continued communication with these individuals to nurture and develop their interest and preparation for possible enrollment here.”