Spiritual relationship and business relationship, personal trainer shares importance of both

Asa Keimig | LUCOM Marketing and PR Coordinator | Feb 10, 2017

Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine’s (LUCOM) weekly convocation featured Ben Crosswhite of Crosswhite Fitness on Wednesday, Feb. 1. Crosswhite spoke to LUCOM faculty, administrative staff, and student-doctors about the importance of involving Christ in all aspects of life.

Liberty University graduate Ben Crosswhite of Crosswhite Fitness featured as LUCOM convocation speaker.

A graduate of Liberty University (LU), Crosswhite is recognized as being the trainer that helped Liberty University President, Jerry Falwell Jr., lose 75 lbs. through his fitness program. He started personal training in 2007 and immediately fell in love with it because of the impact he was able to make in the lives of others by teaching that health is a priority. He has since helped numerous individuals transform their lives. “I have loved fitness my whole life and I have a passion for helping people,” said Crosswhite. “I love what I do because I am preventing disease before it happens.” He opened Crosswhite Fitness in 2013 and then in early 2017, opened Crosswhite Athletic Club.

Crosswhite correlates a relationship with Christ and running a business with the belief that the two cannot be separate. “I personally believe that you cannot separate the two,” said Crosswhite. “If you have Christ in your heart, then you are going to share it in your business.”

He started a business with Christ as the focal point and it helped him overcome the struggles he faced when first starting his business. His top three struggles were finding a location for his business, his lack of business experience, and his lack of finances. “You go through struggles and tend to forget that God is there to help you through it,” said Crosswhite. “He’s got something better planned for you.”

After experiencing several of his business struggles, he found it a lot easier to trust God.

Crosswhite accredits Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr., as being his business mentor and Thomas Road Baptist Church senior pastor Jonathan Falwell as being his spiritual mentor.

Crosswhite now trains over 50 local physicians and has helped significantly transform the lives of various members of the Lynchburg community through his guidance, accountability, and workout programs. Crosswhite Fitness, as a business, has had 35 people lose over 100 lbs and over 130 separate people lose over 50 lbs.

Crosswhite Fitness doesn’t cater to just weight loss, but overall health and strength conditioning. Along with President Falwell, several others within the LU community have made incredible transformations through Crosswhite Fitness; Bubba Wade lost 260 pounds; Thomas Road Baptist Church Assistant Worship Pastor Scott Bullman lost 215 pounds; Melody Hicks lost 150 pounds; President of World Help, Vernon Brewer lost 60 pounds; and Thomas Road Baptist Church senior pastor Jonathan Falwell lost 55 pounds.