Residency Panel Prepares Student-Doctors for Life after LUCOM

Asa Keimig, LUCOM Marketing and PR Coordinator | Nov 4, 2016

Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine (LUCOM) student organization American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians (ACOFP) hosted a residency panel last week on Wednesday, Oct. 26.

Lori A. Nelson-Madison, M.D., Associate Director of the Centra Medical Group (CMG) Lynchburg Family Medicine ResidencyThe panel consisted of Lori A. Nelson-Madison, M.D., Associate Director of the Centra Medical Group (CMG) Lynchburg Family Medicine Residency and four current residents. This event provided an opportunity for student-doctors to speak directly with current residents and an associate residency director in order to ask questions, obtain advice, and to seek guidance concerning their future careers. After a brief introduction and Q&A session, student-doctors broke out into small groups and rotated to different residents so that everyone was able to have the opportunity to speak with the physicians in a more personal setting.

Over 50 student-doctors attended the event. “This event allows us as medical students to interact with physicians who have most recently been where we are,” said Molly Witham, Class of 2019, LUCOM-ACOFP Recruitment and Marketing Chair. “It’s a great opportunity to network, get feedback on what worked for them, but also how to approach the coming years to be as successful as they have been.” Student-doctors asked questions to residents and the associate residency director about how to get into a residency program. Student-doctors were able to obtain details about what residency is like on a daily basis and how to best prepare for it. “This event gave a picture of the future for us as students and helped direct our study methods and preparation for fourth year audition rotations,” she said.

Lori A. Nelson-Madison, M.D., Associate Director of the Centra Medical Group (CMG) Lynchburg Family Medicine ResidencyQuestions varied from how to balance work and personal life, what to look for in a residency program, and how to best prepare for graduating from medical school. The breakout sessions with the residents allowed students to hear about topics such as a day in the life of a resident, resources for incoming residents, and what an ideal resident candidate looks like. “Having current resident physicians and residency faculty available to answer our questions, often even in a one on-one setting, is a tremendous advantage for student-doctors as we progress through our education and start to develop interest in certain specialties,” said Brian Ingold, Class of 2019, LUCOM-ACOFP Clinical Affairs Chair. “I believe the panel provided the perfect platform for student-doctors with interest in family medicine to gain a better understanding of how to pursue a residency position and a career in the field.”

As student-doctors plan out the next several years of medical school and residency, it can be confusing and overwhelming, but hearing from people who have gone through the process can better prepare them for the next stage of their career. “Residents were transparent and relatable, giving honest answers about their situations and families and how it related to their decisions for residency,” said Shawn Cherian, Class of 2019, LUCOM-ACOFP Vice President. “Events like these help us build our framework of understanding for our next steps to becoming doctors.” Student-doctors benefited from the panel by gaining a better understanding of what is ahead of them in the days to come.