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Learn a producer’s responsibilities In Liberty’s cinematic arts program. Experience the producer’s role in guiding a film from development to the final phase of marketing and distribution.

Areas of Emphasis Include

  • Marketing demographic research
  • Creating content with a target audience
  • Understanding the importance of thorough pre-production
  • Mentoring a project through post-production
  • The marketing and distribution process


You can develop the artistic and technical foundations necessary to direct a film. In Liberty’s Cinematic Arts program, you will learn a director’s duties from professors with firsthand experience in the film industry and extensive training with state-of-the-art equipment.

Areas of Emphasis Include

  • The collaboration process
  • Interpreting script to screen
  • Cinematic storytelling
  • Casting talent
  • Performance adjustment techniques


Screenwriting is visually driven storytelling that involves creative ideas, dynamic characters, and an understanding of the target audience. As a student in Liberty’s cinematic arts program, you will learn to produce movies that impact viewers.

Areas of Emphasis Include

  • Story structure and analyses
  • Writing techniques and styles
  • Cinematic storytelling
  • Television – procedural and serial
  • Character creation
  • Collaboration from concept to shooting scripts


In Liberty University’s Cinematic Arts program you gain hands-on experience in the art of cinematography while training with industry standard equipment. Students use RED cameras (used for Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit”), KinoFlo and Arri lighting instruments, and a range of grip and lighting gear.

Working in teams, you will learn the roles involved in filmmaking and the skills necessary to produce compelling motion pictures.

Areas of Emphasis Include

  • Digital Cinema Camera operation
  • Preproduction, script, breakdown, shot maps
  • Lighting both theory and execution
  • Managing time and people
  • Color grading and finishing

Sound Design

Sound design is a crucial aspect of any film. Working alongside professionals, you will train with top industry equipment and experience real-world application of sound design. Students have the opportunity to be certified in Pro Tools up to the 310 Post-Expert level.

Areas of Emphasis Include

  • Fully certified 7.1 THX dubbing stage with an Avid/Euphonix System 5 Console. The same technology used for Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit”
  • Industry standard Audio Dialogue Replacement Booths
  • Full foley (sound effect) stages
  • 5.1 High Definition editing & mixing bays
  • Multiple Pro Tools HDX audio systems
  • Vintage outboard (sound mixing) gear including NEVE/API
  • Large microphone collection: shotgun, lav, and others
  • Lectrosonic wireless audio kits


As a student in Liberty’s Cinematic Arts program, you will work with the industry’s top editing and postproduction platforms. In our state-of-the-art facilities, students apply the fundamentals to create projects that can stand with the best in the nation.

Areas of Emphasis Include

  • Sound design
  • Editing picture
  • Visual storytelling
  • After effects
  • Interacting with directors and producers
  • Color grading and finishing