Jerry Falwell Library Printing Policies

Reason for Policy

Pharos print stations are located throughout the Jerry Falwell Library in order to provide library customers with convenient and functional printing and copying technology. The policies govern customers use of these resources to meet their academic and personal requirements for printed materials.

Policy Statement

The Jerry Falwell Library provides printers for Library customers to print in black and white or in color, and to make photocopies. Special print jobs can be made with the assistance of Library staff.  Liberty University is not responsible for print charges associated with accidental printing.


A Pharos print account is provided with each sensenet account which allows users to release printed documents to campus printers. Individual’s Liberty accounts are charged automatically by the Pharos Print Management System according to the printing function that was performed. Photocopies are paid for via a credit card or Flames Cash transaction.

Glossary of Terms

Accidental Printing
Includes blank pages, unauthorized use of an individual’s print account, dissatisfaction with print results as a result of user-defined settings or jobs that result in unexpectedly large number of pages.

Special Print Jobs
Include, but are not limited to photocopies, resumes, card stock paper, color paper, envelopes, special paper sizes, customer purchased paper, honors theses, large print jobs (over 50 pages).

This policy is subject to change at any time.