Collection Development Policy

Reason for Policy

The collection development policy is designed to accomplish three distinct purposes: to assist Library and University administrators in the allocation of funds for Library materials; to serve as a management tool for providing a greater degree of consistency and continuity in the selections policies and practices of the Library; to serve as a communications tool for informing the University community of the Library’s guidelines for selecting materials to be added to the collection, as well as the criteria for withdrawing materials from the collection.

Policy Statement

The collection development policy presents the library’s plan for building and managing library collections. It addresses the scope of the collections, library resources budgeting, selection responsibility, selection guidelines, and collection maintenance. 


The materials budget is secured through University-established procedures and further managed by librarians. Teaching faculty (assisted by faculty librarians) select resources for the collections utilizing various methods and tools. Access to and maintenance of collections are facilitated by librarians.

Glossary of Terms

“Materials in all formats and genres that a library owns or to which it provides remote access, through either purchase or lease” [Peggy Johnson, Fundamentals of Collection Development and Management, 3rd ed (Chicago, IL: ALA Editions, 2014), p. 1].