Frequently Asked Questions

How large is the Jerry Falwell Library?

The library is over 170,000 square feet.

What type of spaces are in the library?

The library offers spaces tailored to the unique demands of undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty members.

  • Scholars Commons - a quiet study and research space
  • Learning Commons - four levels with a variety of seating, study spaces, and quietness
  • Caudell Reading Room - quiet space with newspapaers, journals, magazines, and literature
  • Dodak Technology Commons and computer stations scattered throughout
  • Over 30 group study rooms with writable walls and tables
  • Conference rooms of various sizes
  • Active Learning Classroom - multiple computers and screens for collaborative learning
  • Balconies and terrace spaces
  • Osbourne Assistive Learning Center - special equipment for visually and hearing impaired customers
  • Archives and Special Collections - collection of documents and artifacts regarding the history of Liberty University
  • Esbenshade Atrium
  • Book Tower - open shelving with the most frequently used and newest titles
  • Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) - to provide on-site storage of less frequently used materials
  • Two-story Tinney Café

What is the technology plan for the new library?

  • Basic wireless connectivity and easy access to electrical power throughout the building
  • Interactive classroom – multiple screens for displaying student work in groups or to the entire class
  • Collaboration software for group projects and instruction – allows access and sharing of information through a shared display.
  • Information kiosks – scattered throughout the building for maps, group study room scheduling, and library hours
  • Media Wall – 24’x 11’ motion activated wall
  • Perceptive Pixel tables – interact with student and faculty writings and images from around the world

Are there any open book shelves in the library?

A four-story book tower will be the central architectural focus of the library and will feature approximately 65,000 of the newest and most actively used titles of the collection. The two-story Caudell Reading Room will house the literature collection as well as current journals and newspapers.

What is the robot? Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS)?

 Taking advantage of the latest technology, the ASRS houses the majority of the library’s collections in a state-of-the-art automated on-site retrieval system. Items loaded into the system have been selected based on purchase date, publication date, and usage history. Less frequently requested titles, older issues of periodicals, musical scores, audio recordings, and archival materials are examples of items which will be available upon request. Requests for materials can be made via the online catalog from any computer with an Internet connection. Within minutes of receiving the order, a robotic crane will retrieve the materials and deliver them to the Customer Service Center where the customer can then pick up the desired item within an estimated 10 minutes.

The ASRS allows for storage in an area requiring about a seventh the square footage needed for conventional shelving. It frees large amounts of space for individual and collaborative study spaces and allows space for the library collection to grow to 420,000 items while still maintaining on-site storage of less frequently used items.

What other special services and resources does the library offer?

The library staff makes every effort possible to help you find the resources you need.

  • E-books – Liberty University faculty and students have access to thousands of e-book titles.
  • ILL – Periodical articles and book titles not available through the library’s databases or in the library collection can be ordered through InterLibrary Loan.
  • VIVA – The Virginia consortium of academic libraries has a program of collaborative borrowing in which we participate.
  • CRL – Liberty University is a member of the Center for Research Libraries, a global resources network for advanced research and learning. Students and faculty can borrow materials from this collection through our InterLibrary Loan services.

Where can I find help?

  • Customer Service Center – The Customer Service Center is centrally located on the 1st floor in the Esbenshade Atrium. This is where you can borrow and return items, request research help, and find basic computer assistance.
  • Information Desks – There are information desks in each Learning Commons on every floor of the library. Staff members are available to assist you or will arrange for you to get the help that you need.
  • Chat – The library offers research chat services during most hours the library is open Monday-Saturday. When chat is not available, you can access a database of frequently asked questions.
  • Phone – You can also receive research assistance via phone. Residential students call 434-592-3362, and online students call 434-582-2221.

Are there quiet places to study?

There are areas in the library designated as quiet and deep quiet.

Is there good lighting?

There is an abundance of natural light in the library. Most public areas have access to exterior light, with lakeside windows allowing views of the water and the mountains.

Is food available?

The two-level Tinney Café is located at the north end of the south wing. Vendors are Starbucks, Pizza Hut Express, Auntie Anne's, and Brioche Dorée. Vending machines are also available in designated spots throughout the facility. Covered beverage and food are allowed throughout the building with the exception of designated deep quiet areas in which only covered beverages are allowed.

How can I keep up with the latest information related to the library?

The library advertises information related to updates, special events, resources, and services in a variety of ways. Look for information on the Splash page, Convocation slides, in the Liberty Champion, and on our library website. Also, consider joining us on Facebook or Twitter (LibertyULibrary) for up-to-the-minute news and updates.