Digital Collections Policy

Reason for Policy

The Jerry Falwell Library produces and hosts Liberty University’s Digital Collections, online repositories which contain historical and archival items in support of the academics, scholarship, and research of the Liberty University community as well as researchers in general. This policy describes the collection development rationale and procedures.

Policy Statement

The purpose of the Liberty University Archives is to preserve the history of Liberty University, Thomas Road Baptist Church, Jerry Falwell ministries, Sunday School materials and Baptist traditions in general. This is done by gathering records of enduring value, organizing and preserving these research materials by employing appropriate and adequate methods and technologies, and making these materials available to scholars and other interested parties via either traditional or electronic access options as the material formats allow.

Collections to be included in the Digital Collections will be selected at the discretion of the Jerry Falwell Library and the Archives Department. Factors that will be considered in choosing materials are the uniqueness, value, rarity, size, relevance to the Archives areas of interest, and the substantiality of the body of materials.


Collections are organized by the creating entity and should be made up of a substantial number of digital objects and their associated metadata.

The library and the Archives department are not responsible for digitizing any materials provided by outside entities. The library and the Archives have scanners that can be used by the general public, and Archives personnel are available to give advice on scanning settings and digital formats. See Appendix A.

If a collection from an outside entity is being hosted in Digital Collections, the library expects that they will have a sufficient level of metadata and description for the collections and for the individual items. The archivist is available to consult with collection managers on acceptable levels of description.

Materials to be included in the Digital Collections should fit in with the Rights Statement of the Archives. See Appendix B.

The Jerry Falwell Library will periodically review Digital Collections for content and description quality. If collections or items do not meet the standards of the Library, the archivist will contact the collection managers concerning required improvements. Collections that consistently do not meet the standard of the Jerry Falwell Library may be removed at the discretion of the archivist and a file of the contents and metadata will be returned to the collection manager.


Type of Item File Format Image Resolution (PPI) Bit Depth Color
Manuscripts and other rare materials TIFF or PDF 300 24 Color
Maps TIFF 300 24 Color
Posters and oversized items TIFF 300 24 Color
Newspapers and articles TIFF 300 24 Color
Graphic arts prints TIFF 300 24 Color
Microfilm TIFF 300 24 Color
Drawings TIFF 300 24 Color
X-Ray Film (radiographs) TIFF 400 16 Color
Photographs TIFF 600 24 Color
Ordinary print text (no images) TIFF or PDF 300 24 Color
Photographic transparencies (35mm to 4"x5") TIFF 4000 16 Color
Photographic transparencies (larger than 4"x5") TIFF 4000 16 Color
Photographic negatives (35mm to 4"x5") TIFF 4000 16 Color
Photographic negatives (larger than 4"x5") TIFF 4000 16 Color


Rights statement The Jerry Falwell Library provides digital access to the Archives and Special Collections for educational and research/scholarly purposes. Items may be downloaded and printed by individuals for personal use, research, or teaching purposes, or other ‘fair use’ as defined by U.S. Copyright Law.

When publishing or reproducing materials from the Archives and Special Collections, please credit the Jerry Falwell Library, Lynchburg, Virginia. For a written statement of use, or for questions, please call the External Communications Office at (434) 592-4955. Items owned by the Jerry Falwell Library and digitized at are protected by copyright and/or related rights. 

The Jerry Falwell Library may or may not own the rights for some of the material found in the digital archive. It is the user’s obligation to determine and satisfy copyright or other use restrictions when publishing or distributing material to which the Jerry Falwell Library does not own the rights.

Concerns about copyright ownership should be addressed to the Scholarly Communications Department at

Glossary of Terms

ContentDM is a digital asset management software package that is used by libraries to provide access to digital versions of primary source materials. ContentDM provides a means of making a wide variety of content preserved and available online including images, journals, books, audio, video files, maps, and newspapers.

Digital Collections
Archival materials made available online for research, teaching and scholarship at Liberty University and to the public. This is any primary source that is obtained for historical preservation.