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A to Z Maps

145K+ maps from all over the world, both antique and modern covering political and physical themes. Video Tutorial

Accessible Archives

Accessible Archives contains 19th and 20th century primary material found in leading historic periodicals and books.

ACLS Humanities E-Book

Contains over 3,300 humanities e-books. They are full-text searchable, but you can also browse the collection by title, author, or subject. Video Tutorial

America: History and Life with Full Text

Covers the history and culture of the United States and Canada, from prehistory to the present. Has indexing for 1,700 journals from 1955 to present and provides full-text coverage of more than 200 journals and nearly 100 books.

CIAO (Columbia International Affairs Online)

Portal for theory and research in international affairs. Contents include working papers, journal articles, policy briefs, and other sources. Covers topics such as economics, security, development, government, international trade and finance, and international relations.

Daily Life through History

Covers the major aspects of daily life from 10,000 BC to today through images, definitions, articles, and Enduring Questions, which are peer-reviewed essays by experts that address major issues of the day. Video Tutorial

Digital Library of Classic Protestant Texts

A full-text searchable database of early writing concerning Protestantism

Directory of Open Access Journals

DOAJ is a community-curated online directory that indexes and provides access to high quality, open access, peer-reviewed journal.

Early American Imprints, Series I & II: Evans & Shaw Shoemaker

The definitive resource for information about every aspect of life in 17th, 18th, and early 19th-century America, from agriculture and auctions through foreign affairs, diplomacy, literature, music, religion, the Revolutionary War, and more.

Early American Imprints, Series II: Shaw-Shoemaker, 1801-1819

A comprehensive set of American books, pamphlets and broadsides published in the early part of the 19th century.

Early Republic

Primary material documenting the actions, debates, and thoughts of the First Federal Congress and its members.

EEBO (Early English Books Online)

Includes over 125,000 scanned early English books. These include titles by John Locke, Captain John Smith, William Shakespeare, and many, many more. The e-books can be viewed in your browser or downloaded as PDF documents. Video Tutorial

Historical Abstracts (EBSCO)

Covers the history of the world (excluding the United States and Canada) from 1450 to the present. Provides indexing of more than 2,300 academic historical journals in over 40 languages back to 1955.


Full-text electronic access to back issues of core journals in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences Video Tutorial

Making of Modern Law

Full-text collection of Anglo-American legal treatises from the 19th and early 20th centuries. Contains over 21,000 works regarding British Commonwealth and American law. Includes casebooks, local practice manuals, books on legal form, pamphlets, letters, and speeches.

Military and Intelligence Database

Scholarly journals, magazines, and reports that cover all aspects of past and present military affairs and that support key subject areas such as governmental policies, the socioeconomic effects of war, and the structure of the armed forces (Updated annually)

Papers of Alexander Hamilton

This digital edition of The Papers of Alexander Hamilton contains all twenty-seven volumes of the print edition—all the writings by and to Hamilton known to exist, some 12,500 documents—including all editorial annotations.


An index of papers presented at conferences worldwide. Covers every published congress, symposium, conference, exposition, workshop, and meeting received by The British Library Document Supply Centre. Coverage: 1993-present.

Periodicals Archive Online

Periodicals Archive Online is a major archive that makes the backfiles of scholarly periodicals in the arts, humanities, and social sciences available electronically, providing access to the searchable full text of hundreds of titles. The database spans more than two centuries of content, 37 key subject areas, and multiple languages.


An index of worldwide conference proceedings. Covers every published congress, symposium, conference, exposition, workshop, and meeting received by The British Library Document Supply Centre. Coverage: 1993-present.

Project MUSE: Humanities & Social Science

Project MUSE is a unique collaboration between libraries and publishers providing 100% full-text, affordable, and user-friendly online access to a number of high quality humanities and social sciences journals from many scholarly publishers. Video Tutorial

ProQuest Historical Newspapers

Offers full page and article images with searchable full text of the The New York Times (1851 - 2001); The Washington Post (1877 - 1988); and the Baltimore Sun.


This collection contains works about the Americas published throughout the world from 1500 to the early 1900's. Included are books, pamphlets, serials and other documents that provide original accounts of exploration, trade, colonialism, slavery and abolition, the western movement, Native Americans, military actions and much more.

U.S. History in Context

Reference works, news and periodical articles, and primary source documents that range from slave journals to presidential papers, providing contextual information on the most signification people, events, and topics in U.S. History from the arrival of the Vikings in North America to the present        

US History Collection

Scholarly journals and magazines covering events in U.S. history as well as scholarly work in the field (Updated daily)

War & Terrorism Collection

Full-text articles addressing both historic and contemporary topics in the fields of war and terrorism (Updated daily)

Wiley Online Library

Allows you to search a large collection of books and peer-reviewed journals for specific topics, or to browse by a variety of biology and chemistry related subjects.

World History Collection

Scholarly journal and magazine articles useful to both novice historians as well as advanced academic researchers (Updated daily)

World History in Context

Rare primary sources, reliable reference material, and multimedia content from the ancient world to the present, covering the most-studied events, cultures, civilizations, religions, and people

World History in Video

World History in Video is a wide-ranging collection of critically acclaimed documentaries that allow students and researchers to explore human history from the earliest civilizations to the late twentieth century.

World Scholar: Latin America and the Caribbean

World Scholar: Latin America & the Caribbean serves the needs of students and researchers by bringing together in a single place a rich collection of primary source documents about Latin America and the Caribbean.