Liberty Counsel Recommends Screen It Clean It for Ethical Shopping and Investing

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Screen It Clean It is a tool that will help you filter out companies that you do not want to support with your shopping or investing dollars.

Make your voice heard and practice safe shopping - you'll be doing much with your God-given ability to influence the culture for good!

It's easier than you may think to uncover companies that are using your hard-earned dollars to destroy our Christian values.

Whether we are buying clothing, insurance, a car, or simply booking travel, we can use our God-given influence to let companies know what is acceptable in American culture and what is not.

Even if we cannot avoid patronizing every company that works against our values, we can avoid the worst offenders. We can use our collective financial strength to speak out on the vital issues of our day.

Clearly, when you join your voice with others, you magnify the power of your influence on the culture.